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Full Stack Java Developer

Job Description

Dovetail Lab is looking for an expert full stake java developer to work with our team in our office located in Old Street. Working with Dovetail Lab is a great opportunity for you to work with the Google cloud platform to integrate legacy and the Greenfield APIs.

Your role is to develop the APIs that will safely deliver medical data in the FHIR format the third-party vendors having patients and clinical consent the aim is to recognize different coding principles required for the electronic health record. Your involvement in the architect design and API designs discussions is the most important thing.


  • Firstly, expertise in object-oriented programming languages are must like Kotlin and Java
  • You’ll have the basic knowledge and expertise with Spring Boot Eco-System
  • You’ll need to know TDD and Agile very well so you can roll the job in the right direction
  • Providing technical documentation is your responsibility
  • Any previous experience with SaaS company API gateway will be really beneficial
  • A solid foundation in the algorithm, data structure, and system designs
  • Troubleshooting the problems and test solution.
  • Development of front end website architectures.
  • User interaction designing on the web pages.
  • Development of back end applications of the website.
  • Optimization of web pages for mobile phones.
  • Meeting consumer and technical needs.
  • Developing and designing APIs.


Requirements and Duties

  • Wide experience in Java spring framework.
  • Experience in SQL/Pl Oracle maintenance.
  • Familiar with React, Angular JS and Amber frameworks.
  • Experienced in developing an interactive and responsive website.
  • You know how to work within the given deadline under your limits.
  • Optimize and help in maintaining existing systems.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Clear communication skills.
  • Self-starter and can take initiatives for best results.
  • Leadership skills to technically assist the team.
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