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Full Stack Developer

Job Description

The role of Full Stack Developer is to work with the entire aspects of each product, starting from the core infrastructure as well as the back-end to the custom front-end. Full Stack Developers are also known as the computer programmers that possess an excellent characteristic in front-end and back-end coding. Because of the expansion and growth of our company, the Consesnys, we are seeking a Full Stack Developer that is highly skilled when it comes to computer programming. As a Full Stack Developer at Consensys, the future candidate must be fully responsible for the development and design if the front end web architecture, making sure that working with the application as well as its receptivity together with graphic designers are highly efficient. Being a computer programmer or Full Stack Developer, you are expected to see the project from the beginning idea to its final outcome which highly requires a keen eye for details alongside with superb organizational skill.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop front end web architecture
  • Design web pages of user interactions
  • Develop back end web applications
  • Create servers as well as databases for a range of capabilities
  • Make sure that cross-platforms are optimized for smartphones
  • Make sure of the application’s responsiveness
  • Work with graphic designers for advanced features of web designs
  • Design and develop APIs
  • Meet the consumer needs along with technical needs
  • Maintain a strong and efficient technical environment
  • Facilitate with meetings to ensure that all requirements are met
  • Optimize and maintain current systems

Skills and Requirements

  • At least two years of experience in creating a public and complex system through the use of multiple languages
  • High skilled in React.js, PostgreSQL, Node.js or any related field
  • Must know how to use CSS and HTML as well
  • Must meet a deadline and willing to work under pressure
  • Being a problem-solver is desired especially when serious situations occur
  • Creative thinker
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or anything related to it
  • Superior communication skill
  • A keen eye for detail
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