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Front-End Web Developer at IOHK

Job Description

IOHK or Input Output HK is a company that focuses on the disruption and decentralization, as well as the people who are looking after them. With the operations from different countries around the world, IOHK is truly considered as a global company regardless of its short and small history.

We, at IOHK, are always open for talented people as well as the motivated ones to join and collaborate with us. That said, our company, is hiring a Front-End Web Developer, in which you should be motivated enough to mix art with programming. Front-End Web Developer is known as the programmers of the computer who are excellent and flexible at designing website, determining the web pages’ design as well as the structure of it, and making sure that the web designs are perfectly optimized for devices including smartphones.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Must know how to determine the design & structure of the webpages.
  • Needs to make sure that the experience of each user determines the choices of the design.
  • You need to develop advanced features to improve the experience of every user.
  • You will be responsible to strike a balance when it comes to aesthetic and functional design.
  • Needs to ensure that web design is also appropriate when viewed on smartphones.
  • Must know how to build well-commented, reusable codes along with libraries.
  • The ideal candidate will be willing to communicate well and collaborate with other people in the team from any country.
  • Must maintain the consistency of the brand throughout the design.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Expert level of skill in JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX.
  • Enable to work with React, a JS library.
  • Candidate must possess an advanced knowledge about Modern JS (ES6) like NodeJS, NPM, and JamStack.
  • Expert level of skill when it comes to CSS, HTML, SASS, and LESS.
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • Must know how to handle pressured situations.
  • Be willing to share knowledge with others and teach them when needed.
  • Must be a friendly and filled-spirit person.
  • Experience in PHP, Ruby, and Python is a plus.
  • You should have experience in Mocha, Selenium, and Unit tests is a plus.
  • Experience with using Jira, Trello, Basecamp or anything similar to it is a plus.

About Company

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