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DevOps Engineer

Job Description

Seasoned DevOps Engineer is required at Elliptic for infrastructure management that our engineers use to writing and shipping high-quality products. Elliptic gives you a chance to with best engineers and professionals to enhance your expertise in cryptocurrency projects.

The role of DevOps is very crucial and it’s a core part of the engineering at Elliptic. A range of open source technologies is leverage and built by our firm. You have to handle and maintain cloud environments, increase the robustness of infrastructure, and streamlining the development cycle.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • It’s your responsibility to test environments and enable transient development.
  • You’ll have to keep developers happy.
  • Building a robust CD/CI framework across the tech stack.
  • Integration of automated testing in a continues building process.
  • You’re responsible for developing web applications, production testing, managing automation stack and improving cloud environment.
  • Learn new techniques and technologies and lead from the front.
  • Architectural decisions making and make sure to implement them.
  • Research, recommend, and porotype new frameworks and technologies.
  • Local infrastructure management and assistance.
  • Guide, help and give advice to developers, relevant code reviews performing.
  • Make infrastructure robust, fit for purpose, and easily saleable.
  • You’ll have to ensure that developers always perform, build, and deploy safely and easily as possible.

Requirements and Skills

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in DevOps, system administration, site reliability, build/release, and general engineering role.
  • Cloud management experience is must by using
  • System automation tools knowledge like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.
  • Administration experience in Linux.
  • Docker or similar tools experience is a plus point.
  • Familiar with performing and logging analytic systems.
  • Huge experience with development tools for different languages and frameworks.
  • Making developers task easy and stress-free.
  • Solid coding experience of coding in JVM language.
  • Deep experience on one-promise deployments in highly regulated industries.
  • Knowledge in functional programming methodology.
  • Huge interest in cryptocurrencies.
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