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Data Scientist

Job Description

A blockchain based company, Circle, which mainly focuses on cryptocurrency is looking for a data scientist. The job is based in Boston or New York City. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with other brilliant minded data scientists and analyst and observe their work pattern carefully. By this opportunity, an applicant is offered not merely a job, but also have to closely analyze machine learning solutions and scalable data pipelines. The job includes a risky environment and a risk-prone applicant is preferred because the applicant will be working in an environment where hands on new things are required in case of decision making and solving problems. The people at Circle are all Passionists and promote analytical approach towards everything.

Responsibilities And Roles

  • Customer service, including pacification of customers about the queries they have and following their mental models to understand the requirements or so.
  • Collaboration with the development team, including the engineers and product managers. Also, healthy collaboration with the other departments at Circle.
  • Development of easy to understand systems which do not lack learnability using experiences in journey mapping, prototyping and the refinement of ideas through different tools before implementing them.
  • Learning all about the implementation, maintenance, and optimization of deployment lifecycle.
  • Contribution in all the projects happening at Circle, from implementation and deployment phase to presenting and marketing.
  • Extreme data organization with the help of data engineers to ensure that the data is, identified, recorded, transformed and is in good shape overall.
  • Improving the overall business model at Circle.

Skills And Requirements

  • A Masters degree in Statistics, Economics, Computer science, Business analytics or any field that is related to or makes you a good person at blockchain.
  • 5 or more years of experience.
  • Detailed knowledge of the following tools: Pandas, SciPy, R language/ SAS.
  • One year experience in the above-mentioned tools is required.
  • Know how about the Software development life cycle.
  • Hands-on experience in Linux, git, AWS.
  • Knowledge about Spark, M Leap, and PMML, or other deployment tools.

About Company

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