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Data Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced, hardworking data expert to assist broaden our avant-garde blockchain analysis medium. Data engineering is a crucial facilitator of ELLIPTIC's Offerings. We capitalize on non-proprietary technologies but have also developed and created our own high-speed in-memory data channels and analytics engine.

The Responsibilities

You will need to work hand in hand with engineers and data scientists to help build a high speed, modifiable data channels, designs, and analytical systems.

  • Get yourself engaged with blockchain- how it functions and the different services that utilize them.
  • Develop strong systems to arrange and manage harvested data, join it with public Blockchains and verify the result.
  • Strengthen tooling to allow a wide scope of analytics and experiments.
  • Help in the building of structural and data framework decisions (and execute them).
  • Assist other designers/developers- give suggestions, advice, carry out code analysis, reviews, etc.
  • Make findings, create examples and give suggestions and recommendations for new technologies and structures.
  • Assist in developing a Blockchain separate data framework of cryptocurrencies, that enables us to develop detailed analytics throughout our data sets.

In addition to that, The candidate shall carry out the following duties:

  • Assist to broaden the width and intensity of our data management and analytic capacities.
  • Work hand in hand with other engineers to help create high speed, modifiable analytical systems.
  • Help to give a balance to high-speed data processing with modifiable querying and audibility.

Requirements and Duties

  • Should have a 3+ years industry background with Python, Scala or Java- having all three would be befitting for the job!
  • Have a good understanding of building data channels and creating frameworks for analytic situations (SQL or NoSQL)
  • Proficient with the handling of workflow management structures (e.g. Airflow, Luigi, Apache NiFi)
  • Should be enthusiastic in knowing and understanding new technologies, a fast learner and making use of them correctly and properly.
  • Expertise with Linux.
  • Great communication abilities.
  • Experienced with the use of graph databases (e.g. Neo4j)
  • Great eye for details and getting to know requirements beyond what is written.
  • Passionate about giving solutions to difficult tasks.
  • In-depth engineering best-practices (code checks, citations, test mechanization)
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