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Corda Network DevOps Engineer (CN-DOE)

Job Description

R3 is a magnanimous financial business firm that has an extensive business map which includes over 100 different firms, worldwide, as its immediate partners and offices that run in 11 different countries around the globe. R3 believes in maintaining a learning and comfortable environment for its employees.

R3 is currently hiring for the post of Corda Network DevOps Engineer (CN-DOE). The desirable candidate must be someone who is strong willed, determined and works hard for the goals to be achieved. He or she must know how to work efficiently in a team by strategizing intelligently. This job also demands to be vocal and socially interactive. If you have good leadership qualities then this job is meant for you.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • Knows how to quickly process the installation and configuration, as well as testing and maintaining different operating systems and app software.
  • Knows how to diagnose problems with versatile environments and canceling out patterns that pose a security threat.
  • Assist in executing tests and maintaining a rapport with clients through good project management and strategies.
  • Carrying out tasks in both internal and external testing situations.
  • Develop and manage personal documentation of environment configuration.
  • Implement environment parity, where needed.
  • Take care of all systems that are installed as well as of infrastructure.
  • Make sure the highest degree of systems is available along with the best infrastructure.
  • Make fixes wherever needed in case of system issues.
  • Carry out the task of maintaining backup and security.
  • Increase system efficiency by formulating custom scripts.
  • Should have sound knowledge of recent technologies and patterns that are used in departments like networking, leading and, operations.
  • Seek help from clients, team members and IT department for resolving issues.

Skills and Requirements

  • Prior work experience in UNIX /Linux based environments, in departments like installing and configuration.
  • Strong background of handling administration and operations of Java application stacks
  • Strong background of a Cloud experience in Azure
  • Knowledge of DataDog and Graphite/Grafana monitoring systems.
  • Prior work knowledge of Ansible and ELK
  • Has good expertise over virtualization, containerization, scripting services like (shell, Python) and dealing with networking.
  • Knows in depth about security engineering
  • Has a background that concerns at least one blockchain technologies but this is not mandatory.

About Company

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