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Chief Legal Officer

Job Description

Plymath company is in need of a highly qualified and academically sound responsible person to maintain the corporate culture legally. He should be capable of offering high standard practical approaches to aid the company to achieve its veracity with the customers. The Chief Legal Officer will provide advises on policies, contracts, procurements, employment, commercial transactions, the mergers and the law compliances associated with the company. He will oversee confidential information about the company processes and policies. He will also be dealing with international clients and hence should be versatile. The person is responsible to guide the company understanding the legal formalities economically.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop corrective action plans to avoid potential legal risks.
  • Identify areas of legal problems and provide solutions to avoid them
  • Counsel and guide the company with practical and feasible legal ideas to encounter legal proceedings domestically and internationally
  • Develop and update company policies to stay in compliance with the government norms
  • Represent the company; respond to government queries domestically and internationally
  • Manage the litigation processes and issues from external sources
  • Develop a risk management program in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Responding to the queries of the regulators
  • Maintain compliances to ensure seamless services to the customers on time.

Requirements and Duties

  • Degree in law and a minimum of 6 years of experience in dealing with legal responsibilities in the corporate field.
  • In-depth knowledge of the legal requirements of security industries.
  • Analytical skills to study the legal issue associated with finance, business, contracts, employees, and clients
  • Meet deadlines and manage relationships
  • Ability to update the new norms introduced by various governments internationally and guide the company to maintain those regulations
  • Complete the duties assigned. It might at times demand to fulfill the duties assigned to another officer in unavoidable situations

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