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Business Development Lead

Job Description

ConsenSys is seeking for determined, resilient and passionate individuals who grow well in collaborative, self-directed work. ConsenSys technologies are transforming global society.  ConsenSys is using decentralized solution to reshape the economy, politically and social operating system of the planet. ConsenSys gives you a great opportunity to work with highly experienced team members and grow your expertise in blockchain technology.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Corporate sponsorship designing and tracking potential sponsors.
  • Client’s proposals drafting.
  • Providing partner training.
  • Develop partnerships to participate as grant recipients with the help of Ethereum teams.
  • Combining insight from patterns in conversations and reflect back key points from the conversation to align across, commitment, the next step is the layout.
  • Collaboration with the product team on the featured roadmap, marketing roadshows, and token launches.
  • Preparation and planning presentations with the help of PowerPoint.
  • Chase up new business opportunities and set up meetings.
  • Excellent report writing skills.

Requirements and Skills

  • Excellent performance in business, sales development in solution’s delivery or enterprise software’s.
  • Unique documentation and communication skill.
  • Must support intellectual curiosity by a high level of emotional intelligence, dynamic conversion, and
  • Multitasking ability and parallel tasks performing an ability.
  • Commitment to full collaborative and visibility processes where several viewpoints go into different leads.
  • Ability to counterparties rigorously and qualify leads.
  • Commitment to outcomes and structural negotiations.
  • Having a passion to develop innovative solutions that disrupt or exceed legacy system with developing technologies.
  • Familiar with pipeline management and CRM tools.
  • Deep passion for blockchain and emerging marketing technologies.
  • Similar background in a reputable organization at a solution delivery or system integrator.
  • Experience in FinTech is a plus point.
  • Deep knowledge of Ethereum and Blockchain.
  • Robust relationship with Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Experience in new startup kick-starting.
  • Willing to help others where needs.
  • Product development knowledge.
  • Leadership and team working skill.
  • Strong creative and problem-solving individual.
  • Strong negotiation and sales techniques.
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