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Blockchain / Smart Contract Developer

Job Description

LimeChain is looking for a Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer, the role of blockchain developer is to lead the project and complete it successfully. LimeChain is developing a world where decentralized and blockchain technologies play a vital role to transform society. As a blockchain developer you are responsible for supporting, designing, and implementing a distributable blockchain- based network. Your primary responsibility is to requirements, design blockchain technology for a certain business and its model, and launching and building of blockchain network. Working with LimeChain is a great opportunity to grow your skills in blockchain technology.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Well, understanding of the Blockchain technologies, especially Ethereum.
  • Highly experienced in developing resilient and secure codes.
  • Experience in working on highly automated DevOps and Agile projects.
  • Expertise in collaborating with the User Interface developers.
  • Experience in problem solving and incident resolutions in the production environment.
  • Huge interest in the blockchain technology and can work in a space that is full of unknown, pivoting’s as need, being comfortable without knowing the end stages.
  • Teamwork, initiative, flexibility, organizational and communication competencies.
  • Knowledge and experience of the test-driven developments is a plus point.
  • Previous experience in full-stack development, specifically with Node, is a plus point.
  • Experience on Ethereum smart contract development and written in Solidity is a plus point.

Requirements and Skills

  • Familiar with large codebases.
  • Strong development background in software technologies.
  • Open-source projects working experience.
  • Write codes with resiliency and security in mind.
  • Familiar with DevOps and Agile frameworks.
  • Assist in problem and incident resolution as appropriate.
  • Familiar with cryptocurrencies.
  • Familiar with P2P networks.
  • Strong familiarity of the bitcoin-like blockchain.
  • Knowledge of the concurrencies and writing safe and efficient multithreaded codes.
  • Robust knowledge of C++11, SLT.
  • Familiarity with QT Widgets Module.
  • Experience in management is a bonus point.
  • Pair programming expertise.
  • Open source contribution is a bonus point.
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LimeChain is pioneer in the development and application of blockchain technologies, combining extensive business experience with top-notch technical experience Read More