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BlockChain Protocol Engineer

Job Description

ConsenSys is a well-reputed venture production studio and leading blockchain firm globally. ConsenSys is seeking for a Blockchain Protocol Engineer to join an agile development team that is focusing on a deep blockchain layer. Your role is to work with open source community around cross-chain interoperability, data privacy, by using techniques such as state channels and knowledge proofs. This role is on the bleeding edges of exciting movements. The successfully selected candidate will the opportunity to develop and research innovative approaches to most challenging problems in the software such as distributed system and cryptography.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Strong grasp of concurrency performance optimization, computer science fundamentals, and reusability.
  • Knowledge of ecosystems of tools and libraries and proficiency in Java.
  • Familiar with mathematical concepts, techniques, and
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in Java VM and covering its weakness and strength.
  • Familiar with design patterns and high-performance architectural systems.
  • Deep knowledge of Libraries development and platform for using and deploying by application developers.
  • Strong grip with engineering principals and process aimed development like modular, simple and high-quality code.
  • Familiarity with development processes and tools like integrations systems and tools.
  • Development of various aspects of platforms for clients.
  • Demonstration of strength and value of the platform by the help of sample applications.
  • Assisting of the third-party developers in the procedure of development of varied range applications that are based on the client’s

Requirements and Skills

  • Strong expertise in back end development using Rust, Go, or Java.
  • Deep experience in cryptography such as encryption based on symmetric or asymmetric keys, digital signature, key agreement.
  • Well understandings in explanation of consensus algorithms like Paxos or raft, PBFT.
  • JS, node and JavaScript’s programming skills.
  • Quick learner and excited to learn and develop new skills and technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills and must able to work in fast-paced and cold environments.
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