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BlockChain Protocol Engineer – Kaleido at Consensys

Kaleido is a ConsenSys Business that has partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer the Blockchain Business Cloud which is the first “all-in-one” SaaS platform built for Enterprise Blockchain. This system both accelerates and simplifies private blockchain network creation and operation with its click-button simplicity. This creation has the potential to save organizations both huge amounts of time-literally months and saving them millions.

The company puts people first and with the collaborative teamwork has created a work environment that consists of interaction with staff and relates to how we arrive at solutions and build products and to how products and solutions are

ConsenSys is in the process of transforming its digital architecture. It will be more open, more inclusive, and a more secure internet of value. This is called the Web3. The goal is to offer a system where both governments and enterprises will have access to new business models, value, and efficiencies by sharing with others an IT infrastructure as well as putting in place cryptographic methods that will be a safeguard to private user data. We are a global business and are developing Ethereum blockchain which consists of a startup incubator, an Enterprise Ethereum consulting arm, and an investment fund.

Requirements for the position:

  • As a Blockchain Engineer must have back-end developments skills and be familiar with using GO, Rust, or Java
  • Have worked in basic cryptography using a digital signature, familiar with encryption that is based on asymmetric or symmetric keys, or key agreement
  • Ability to explain consensus algorithms such as RAFT, Paxos, or PBFT
  • Programming skills using Node, JS and Javascript
  • Must be a fast learner displaying excitement in learning new skills
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