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Applied Researcher – Distributed Systems (PegaSys)

Job Description

Consensys is looking for applied researchers from different backgrounds who can think creatively and deeply about protocol-level challenges of blockchain and can translate theoretical work into practice and give outputs for PegaSys, enterprises seeking to use blockchain community and Ethereum. Consensys aim is to evolving and improving the Ethereum platform for different stockholders. Consensys is working very closely with inside and outside parties like the Ethereum Alliance, Ethereum Foundation, and academic and various members of the Ethereum ecosystem. Successful candidates will work with our highly experienced team and there is a huge chance to grow your expertise and skills in Ethereum platform.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Strong understandings with blockchain technologies.
  • Experience in blockchain privacy protocol and permissioning.
  • You’re responsible for cryptography design and game theory.
  • You’ll be responsible for the scalability of the organization.
  • Develop machine learning system using engineering skills and cutting edge data science.
  • You’ll write, draft actually create and lead the development of the research paper on areas that meet these purposes.

Requirements and Skills

  • Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science Master Degree, having a D. is a bonus point.
  • Strong familiarity with mathematical concepts and advanced computer science.
  • Capable of articulating proof and related theories in a language that is suitable for scientific publications.
  • Expert in the use of formal methods specifically in the context of the analytic distribution system.
  • Expertise in analyzing existing codes in different languages including Go, Java Rust, etc.
  • Capable of creative and deep thinking.
  • Have a passion for quality and excellence.
  • Passionate about blockchain technology and blockchain consensus protocols research.
  • Previous experience in a small or medium team or as a member of the self-organizing
  • Flexible and a great learner, willing to grow your skills to other areas.
  • Always seek support and advice for others and give them the same when they need.
  • Keen communicator, excited to share work in a variety of contexts, like internal and public presentations, written papers and articles.
  • Comfortable with the remote working procedure and can work under minimum supervision and proactively keep in touch with other collaborators remotely.

About Company

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