Android Engineer

 Job Description

The blockchain is looking for an Android engineer who can join our growing engineering team, and launch high-quality software for user’s empowerment in the whole world. You have to adapt our fast growth and rapidly evolving ecosystem of crypto. Working with blockchain is good for learning new techniques about cryptocurrencies.

Our developing team facing some serious and interesting problems in crypto space while securely and rapidly scaling a distributable platform that is involved touching people daily. This is a great opportunity for you to work as an Android Engineer with our expert and smart engineering team.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Writing reliable and well-tested codes for our users who are using our wallet.
  • Collaborate perfectly and proactively with our team members to ensure effective knowledge for diversion of labor.
  • You’ll able to work with the most challenging and interesting problems in cryptocurrency space.
  • Able to work with industry-leading products and with the millions of users.
  • Understanding with latest technologies and new developments.
  • You’ll be responsible for APIs interface creation that connects with the community.
  • Agile methodology development is a plus point.
  • Deep and thorough knowledge of android application design, UI framework, and complex, reactive UIs.
  • Android studio experience.

Skills and Requirements

  • Integrity is a unique quality for this position at Blockchain.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience with Kotlin/ Java and Android SDK.
  • Reactive programming experience with Rxjava is a plus point.
  • You’ll need to expert enough to use the latest Android features for class app building.
  • Able to adapt massive growth and rapidly evolving business environments.
  • Improvement on the feedback of other candid is must for you.
  • Highly motivated and creative.
  • Exceptional communications and able to liaise with team members across the world.
  • The learning process is important and you’ll never stop learning new things.
  • Noteworthy skills in Java, SQL, and Android SDK.
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