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Android Engineer at Blockchain

Job Description

As the number one software platform when it comes to digital assets, Blockchain is now offering the biggest production platform worldwide. We, at Blockchain, share our passion to everyone in order to create and build an accessible and open future.

The blockchain is searching for an outstanding Android Engineer who can share knowledge, opinions, and interests to everyone. As a fast-growing team, one must possess a great character that can easily adapt to the needs of others.  Our team is encountering serious matters in the line of crypto space but still quickly and strongly scaling an assigned platform which has something to do with people each day. Do not miss this great opportunity and work with us in Vilnius Lithuania now!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Must be able to work with a huge number of users and a leading product of industry.
  • Get familiarize with the trending and up-to-date technologies as well as its developments and own products.
  • Must be able to get in touch with the most intriguing and compelling problems especially when it comes to cryptocurrency space.
  • One must know how to collaborate with other people or in a certain team, share the knowledge with anyone, and help those who are needy.
  • Write a reliable and tested code which can be used by a huge number of users in the future.
  • Must be willing to be part of a growing team and building the leading bitcoin wallets so that users in the entire world can use it in the near future.

Skills and Requirements

  • One must possess integrity for this kind of position at Blockchain.
  • The applicant needs to have a two up to three years of experience in Kotlin / Java as well as Android SDK. Plus, the applicant must have one to two applications included in the store.
  • If the applicant has experience when it comes to reactive programming, then it’s a plus.
  • One must feel excited about the new features of Android.
  • You are considering the feedback of others for future improvement.
  • Communication skill is a must.
  • Skills of problem-solving and analytical ability is a need.
  • Adaptability is a must so that you can meet the other’s needs.
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