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2019 Kaleido Summer Interns – Graphic Designer at Consensys

Job Description

Kaleido is looking for a Graphic Designer interne it’s a great opportunity for you to shine your professional skills with the best team of engineers, designers and product managers. This role plays a pivotal role in delivering and designing content and visualize as a main member of Kaleido team. Kaleido always values your experiences, ideas, and your contribution to the team and product line. You bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn and bring the environment and you need for the best work. Kaleido is focusing to build a smart team of designers and engineers who are very passionate about their crafts.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • High-quality design production and on scheduled delivery.
  • Must participate in reviews of design.
  • Agile development process knowledge and can works with the cross-functional
  • Visual presentations development by designing copy and art layouts.
  • Study materials and information and must have a planning
  • Layouts illustration regarding type, size, style, and similar aesthetic concepts.
  • Submitting layouts in a rough form and obtaining approval of concepts.
  • Preparation of final layouts by pasting and marking up finished art and copy.
  • Complete projects by coordination of art services, printers, outside agencies, etc.
  • Attending design workshops and maintaining technical knowledge.
  • Accomplishing related results and contribute with the team.

Requirements and Skills

  • Familiar with software like the computer-aided
  • Demonstrable portfolio of finished illustrations.
  • Compact knowledge of images and digital sketch editing software’s, like Invasion, Photoshop, Sketch, PowerPoint, and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Digital and manual drawing skills.
  • Strong conceptual and aesthetic skills.
  • Collaboration and deadlines meeting ability.
  • Knowledge of UX/UI product design.
  • Editing, video storyboards, podcasts skills are a plus point.
  • Visual arts or BSc Design degree or other qualifications relevant to Graphic Designing.
  • Must know how to express ideas through images and texts.
  • Great creative thinking qualities.
  • Familiar with new trends and technologies.
  • Strong ability to learn various digital design platforms.
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About Company

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