World Blockchain Forum

World Blockchain Forum

World Blockchain Forum is an exclusive blockchain forum that is going to take place from 1st to 3rd September 2019. The venue for the conference in London. WBF aims to provide business the best way to increase their ROI by focusing on how blockchain can innovate businesses. It is a three-day event where you will be able to witness world-class speakers, presenters, and panel discussions.

The purpose is to celebrate blockchain innovation through a three-day event.


  • Speakers - 40+
  • Innovative Financial Conferences- 18
  • Attendees - 1500+
  • Articles written - 150+
  • Networking events - 5


Many prominent speakers will join the event. Few of the prominent speakers that spoke in the last event and might again speak in the future event include the following

  • Shigeki Kakutani, CEO, and Founder, Quras
  • Yacine Teria, CEO StartupToken
  • Kate Hiscox, CEO, and Founder, Drive Markets
  • Alexia Hefti, Blockchain Tax Lead, Deloitte
  • Walter Drieenhuizen
  • Nancy Wu - Co-founder/decentral/Jaxx
  • Josh Dykgraff - Illustrator and Designer
  • Abraham Cambridge - CEO and Founder, Sun Exchange

and many more!


The history of the World Economic Forum is rich. They started their journey in 2013 where they started offering innovate and successful events in the blockchain industry. It is also one of the most respected conferences which took place in many big cities including Las Vegas Dubai Amsterdam, New York, and others. It also has quite a following with over 20,000 entrepreneurs, investors and executives attending the event from around the world.


The tickets for the event are already up for grab. If you are interested, then check out the ticket pricing below.

Early bird tickets - 400 GBP, exclusive two-day access, networking breaks, access to all the exclusive account, 50 GBP voucher for next event and much more!

For now, only early bird tickets are on sale. More tickets will soon come to the interested parties. So, keep a look at the official website for an update on tickets.


Day 1 - Official networking launch

Day 2

  • Breakfast & Registration
  • Welcome
  • Banking on blockchain
  • Wall Street vs. Cypherpunks
  • Blockchain-based identity
  • Transforming renewable energy
  • Blockchain gaming and the economy
  • Next generation medicine development

and much more

Day 3

  • Breaking down bitcoin
  • State of the market
  • Supply chain and healthcare
  • Privacy and blockchain
  • Fireside chat

and much more!

There are plenty of other activities that will take place throughout the two days. If you wish to learn more about the agenda, we suggest you visit their official website to learn more about it.

Should you visit World Blockchain Forum?

World Blockchain Forums is buzzing with speakers, content and much more! Their event takes place every now and then, all across the world. Their next event will take place in September 2019 in London. So, if you are interested, then check out what they have to offer.