Voice of Blockchain

Voice of Blockchain 2019, is scheduled as a two-day event starting on September 30th, 2019. Known as the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency event in the midwest, the Voice of Blockchain started last year (2018), by the Chicago Blockchain Project community.

The main goal of the event is to promote the adoption of blockchain technology alongside crypto-assets by emphasizing education of stakeholders regarding the benefits as well as the ethics of the technology.

The event is set to bring together influential speakers and personalities from potentially all related fields of blockchain, and discuss real-world strategies and future opportunities that lie ahead. Not only will this be an enriching discussion, as well as a commutative platform for entrepreneurs and startups, but investors will also be able to make sound decisions by understanding where the game is headed.


Speakers for the Voice of Blockchain 2019 is yet to be announced.


The event will focus on five different tracks of presentation alongside sharing keynotes and engaging on fireside chats. All these are aimed at providing a unique learning experience all the ensuring high-value interactions.

The different areas of discussion include:

  • Corporate & Enterprise

Topics like data integrity and compliance, alongside automation tactics, and new business models will be discussed revolving around different industries including manufacturing, healthcare, advertising, logistics, real estate, and insurance.

  • Fintech & Markets

A study of Fintechs and financial markets in the light of the blockchain revolution along with consideration for a crypto-asset portfolio.

  • Startups & Innovations

Empowering entrepreneurs and startups with bleeding edge knowledge and information regarding the present state and latest advancements in decentralized networks, progress related system designs, IoT, and the impact of AI.

  • Adoption & Impact

Talks on how to improve the adoption rates of blockchain and crypto-assets, by crafting a user-experience that is not only intuitive but also efficient and more productive than today’s solutions.

  • Identity & Governance

Digital system builds on top of decentralized technology will have a chance to underfund public goods and even over-subsidize centralization of wealth. Thereby, a productive debate is set to take place to discuss how to mitigate the tension and strive towards a more peaceful society in a blockchain enabled future.


Here are some amazing statistics concerning the Voice of Blockchain:

  • Over 1000 attendees.
  • Over 80 influential speakers.
  • Over 30 sponsors.
  • Over 30 exhibitions.
  • Over 15 media partners.


The price for general admission to the Voice of Blockchain is $399. However, the first 200 people will get their tickets at $299, as part of an early bird discount.