Ukranian Blockchain Day

The Ukranian Blockchain Day is scheduled as a one-day event on October 15th, 2019, at KYIV, Ukraine / NSC Olimpiyskiy. At its core, this is a networking event that thrives to bring together global leaders and influential personalities in the blockchain community to Ukraine’s main cultural and sports arena.

With its inception back in 2017, the event started out by focusing on the most important topics relevant to that year, including bitcoin price surges, the Ethereum Ecosystem Explosion, and many other milestones. 2018 created space from a debate on the future of crypto in the hands of businesses & state authorities, and its impact on the financial world.

Similarly, the Ukranian Blockchain Day 2019 will raise all the serious questions that need answers to visualize where the decentralized technology is taking us, and who does the future look.


The Ukranian Blockchain Day aims to attract well-known figures in the blockchain community, including founders and CEOs of well-known blockchain companies, social influencers, and thought-leaders in the industry. Here is a quick look at some of the notable personalities:

  • Yanik Dols - President at JCI Zuid-Limburg, Blockchain Startup scout in Brightlands.
  • Darren Franchescini - CEO of Blockchain Technologies Consulting
  • David Drake - Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital
  • Eugene Excavo Loza - Founder of Excavo, Independent Financial Analyst
  • Dr. Guenther Dobrauz Saldapenna - Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland
  • Henry Liu - Yeomans Capital - Blockchain Venture Capital

And many more.


The event is set to take off with a full stomach courtesy of a Business Breakfast session. It can serve as a great opportunity for you to communicate with other businesses and build your networking repertoire.

Now comes time for the main event, where the blockchain forum will be set up welcoming on stage over 30 speakers with unique hands-on experience with Blockchain and incredible insight and experience to share with the crowd. Sections are also allocated for panel discussions, speed mentoring, tech markets, engagement networking, and case study analysis.

Ending it all is a networking afterparty where you can search for potential partnerships, joint ventures, and look for new ways to expand your business. Not only that, but you can also share any after-thoughts from all the discussions that took place a while ago, and have any queries answered.


Ticket prices are not currently available. But you can go to their homepage and sign up to receive notification for when tickets do go live.