TruffleCon 2019

Scheduled as a three-day event starting from 2nd to 4th August 2019, TruffleCon is going to feature loads of people gathering at the Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA. The conference is primarily targeted at Truffle users, fans, and most importantly developers, who want to use blockchain technology to bring about revolutionary changes.

Truffle is a development environment and a testing framework for developers working with Ethereum. The platform enables users to create DApps and smart contracts as seamlessly as possible. During the conference, attendees will have access to hands-on workshops, hackathons, and discussion panels to help users understand the full potential of the platform.

Attendees can also take advantage of the conference as an opportunity to broaden their horizons in the blockchain space. It can serve as an excellent platform to expand your blockchain community and build new connections, all the while sharing tips & tricks, and challenges & successes surrounding decentralized technologies.


TruffleCon is all set to become a congregation of prominent personalities and speakers in the field of blockchain. Needless to say, many key members of the Truffle development team will also share the stage to answer questions and highlight the software in question.

  • Tim Coulter - Founder, and CEO of Truffle.
  • Ben Burns - Lead of Blockchain Services, Truffle.
  • Josh Quintal - Lead of Front-End & Design, Truffle.
  • Mike Seese - Core Developer on the Enterprise Products Team.
  • G. Nicholas D’Andrea - Engineering Lead and Debugger, Truffle.
  • Kevin Bluer - Lead Enterprise Trainer, Truffle.

And many more.


The event will be set into motion starting at 9.00 a.m 2nd August at Microsoft Building 33, 16070 NE 36th Way, Redmond, WA 98052. From day one, the entire focus of the conference will be on what users can and can’t do with Truffle.

On day one, there will two workshops, and a dedicated section with the workshop presenters.

Day two will revolve around hackathons, breakout sessions, and panel discussions.

And finally, on day three, the conference has organized a quick board games session with the Truffle team - an opportunity to converse directly with team members. The event is set to end with announcing all Hackathon winners.

Why Should You Visit?

The most obvious reason for visiting TruffleCon depends on whether or not you are interested in or invested in Truffle. But if you are looking for some other incentives, then here is the full sheet:

  • An opportunity to directly meet with the minds behind Truffle.
  • Workshops and hackathons to help developers better understand the potential of the technology.
  • Breakout sessions, panel discussions, and lightning talks, to help answer all your questions revolving around Truffle.
  • Networking opportunities to help you build more connection in the blockchain world.