The RegTech Convention 2019

The 26th Annual RegTech Convention is taking place this 2019 as a two-day event spanning from November 26th to 27th. Hosted by BearingPoint, the event has grown into one of the largest conferences on regulation and RegTech in Europe. The event hopes to amass over 700 participants from 30 different countries.

The target demographic, or rather people who will benefit from the event including stakeholders and professionals directly involved in the European banking sector, insurance companies, international financial institutions, central banks, and regulatory agencies.

What to Expect? The Motto of RegTech 2019!

There is no denying the fact that modern technological innovations have had a huge influence in the financial industries - some good, some bad, and most still being in the grey area. As such, the event will focus on a productive debate highlighting the opportunities as well as the risks brought forth by these technologies.

As such, the motto for RegTech 2019 is finely printed as “Transformation & Agility.”

Here are some of the questions that are going to be raised, as well as discussed thoroughly at the event:

  • The future of banks, supervision, collaboration models, in the light of the new transformations.
  • Will the technologies improve our agility as well as productivity in the long run?
  • What is the best approach to this rapid onset of change and transformation?
  • What is, if any, the best practice, or “ideal financial regulation” in this context?
  • Are agile concepts viable in the new regulations? If so, by what extent?

And much more.


The RegTech conference holds up a reputable stature in the industry as one of the most longest running and significant events of its kind.

As such, you can expect a huge congregation of distinguished speakers to take the stage and share valuable insight and bring game-changing ideas to the forefront.

Now, with that being said, the speaker list isn’t filled yet and there are multiple vacant spots. Here is a list of the speakers who have been already confirmed to make an appearance at the event:

  • Stefan Brunken, Head of Division Monetary and Financial Statistics, Deutsche Bundesbank.
  • Dr. Korbinian Ibel, Director General - Microprudential Supervision IV, European Central Bank.
  • Jose Maria Roldan, Chairman & CEO of the Spanish Baking Association and vice-president to the EBF.
  • PhDr. Tomas Sedlacek, Ph.D., Author of “Economics of Good and Evil”
  • DR. Silke Stapel-Weber, Director General Statistics, European Central Bank
  • Dr. Joghammes Turner, Director of Statistics Department, Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

And many more.


As mentioned earlier, the event is going to be spread out amongst two days. It is scheduled to kick off at 8:00 am on the 26th of November with member registrations. This is going to be quickly followed up by the conference opening, welcome, and keynote discussions.

Once the event gets going, it will immerse you in engaging panel discussions, a regulators’ conference, multiple presentations, which all end with a quick debate on the pros and cons of Basel IV.

Day two will be more focused on lengthier discussions covering a quick review of RegTech and future outlook, followed by implications of Abacus and DaVinci in the future of baking, and the likes.

Needless to say, you will find ample lunch breaks and coffee time which you can use as networking opportunities to meet new people and form business relationships.

Notable Statistics

Here are some notable statistics regarding RegTech 2019:

  • Over 700 delegates attending the event
  • Over 40 speakers voicing their insight and talking about their first-hand experience in the industry.
  • 5 concurrent conferences.
  • Over 25 years of constantly delivering one of the largest and most influential conferences on regulations and RegTech.