The Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019

The Blockchain Innovation Conference 2019 is a one-day event that is going to take place on 7th June in Amsterdam. It is the 7th iteration of the conference which speaks volume about the success of the event itself! Even the 6th iteration was successful which also marked their most successful and largest blockchain conference in the Benelux. ABN AMRO hosts it. The venue will be the headquarters of ABN AMRO and CIRCL in Amsterdam.

The event will provide a platform for gathering of policymakers, startups, international pioneers, corporates, and others for discussing the breakthroughs and developments in the blockchain technology field. They will go through tangible case studies, projects, and offer a high-level discussion on the future of blockchain technology.

About the technology

The blockchain technology has an impact on every part of our society including the banks, government, education, retail, production, and others. The conference will also go beyond these fields, but also take on the production blockchain initiatives and their working. They want to make processes effective, smarter and help blockchain integrate into different techs such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Theme and Topics

The main theme of the conference is beyond the hype. It will try to cover different blockchain theoretical ideas and use-cases.

  • In production - Here the experts will discuss the blockchain projects that have gone past the pilot stage. The speakers will also try to learn blockchain impacts on the different industries, and on how it is being used to transform various sectors including food, international shipping, and so on.
  • Consortium:  The experts will take a look at the alliance building and ecosystem formation. In short, they will look into the consortium and how it works or can be improved.
  • Blockchain for a better world: Learn how blockchain can be used to improve the world around us including building a sustainable future, climate agreement, and more!
  • FutureTech: Lastly, they will learn how blockchain will work with other technologies including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and so on.

Breakout Sessions

There will be proper breakout sessions where you can interact with other participants. To ensure that everyone gets to meet the people from their own industry, there will be four tracks.

  • Business track - It discusses blockchain technology from a business perspective.
  • Technology track - Here, the blockchain breakthroughs and challenges will be understood from the technological point of view.
  • Government track - The government track tries to learn how blockchain technology can be used to make the lives of citizens easier.
  • Sustainability track - The sustainability track will focus on emerging technology and how they interact with the blockchain.


The list of key speakers that are going to share their knowledge at the Blockchain Innovation Conference includes the following.

  • Rob Hygate - CTO and Co-Founder, eWaterpay
  • Anna Klapwijk - Blockchain Strategy Consultant
  • Niek van Rens - Innovation head, ABN AMRO
  • Thomas Hartmann - IBM Expert Consultant
  • Vega Paithankar - CTO at Hit.Foundation


The tickets are priced at € 495,00. It will give you access to the full conference without any limitation.