The Blockchain Event | 101 Blockchains

The Blockchain Event is going to take place from 11th. Feb to 14th Feb 2020. It is taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the event, you will learn about exciting blockchain use cases. The event aims to provide blockchain solutions and education for all industries out there. They understand the enterprise blockchain hype cycle and provide an in-depth understanding from technologists and innovative leaders. The best minds will share their knowledge about the market and showcase how to live blockchain solutions are implemented. They will also focus on how to adapt to the changing market and become part of the disruption.

At the event, anyone can learn how valuable blockchain is to business and how it can help technologies, developers, and decision-makers about it.

The Blockchain Event Focus

Below are the key things that the event will focus on.

  • Practical use cases
  • Learn how business problems are solved using blockchain
  • Understand how the future of blockchain will look
  • Blockchain investments benefits
  • Blockchain implementation benefits
  • How to develop, define and implement blockchain projects


The event is going to take place for four days. The agenda of each day is listed below:

11th Feb 2020

  • Introductory address
  • Opening keynote
  • From Sale to Seed: Blockchain Supply Chain
  • Banking and Financial blockchain Obstacles
  • Curtailing Cannabis Vaping Crisis
  • Closing Keynote

12th Feb 2020

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Blockchain Reality Check
  • Industry Perspective: IBM
  • Industry Perspective
  • Not All Blockchains Are The Same
  • ITEXPO Keynote Presentation TBA
  • Conference Luncheon
  • Making Tokenization Work for Business
  • Industry Perspective
  • Session Details in Development
  • Cybersecurity: Blockchain Role
  • CISCO: ITEXPO Keynote Presentation
  • ITEXPO Keynote Presentation by Google
  • The Blockchain Event:

13th Feb 2020

  • ITEXPO Keynote Presentation
  • CISCO: ITEXPO Keynote Presentation
  • TechSuper: The Blockchain Event
  • DLT Finding Value
  • Session Details in Development
  • Enterprise Security: Unlocking Blockchain's Value
  • IDEA Showcase
  • TechSuperShow Reception and Part

14th Feb 2020

  • Continental Breakfast
  • DLT project: Concept to Rollout
  • Blockchain Event #TechSuper Show
  • Industry Perspective
  • Session Details in Development
  • Blockchain 2020


The ticket pricing is not yet revealed yet.