Swell by Ripple 2019

Swell by Ripple 2019

Swell is one of the unique conferences that is hosted by Ripple. The event will focus on topics such as payments, policies surrounding it and the technology that is making it all possible. The event is going to take place on October 1-2, 2019. It is a two-day conference where you will learn about blockchain, payments, digital asset adoption, and much more!

Ripple has known for its payments solutions and the cryptocurrency that has been part of the decentralized revolution. However, there are still a lot of other things that are going to be discussed at the conference.

Agenda and Speakers

Monday, October 1

  • Private meetings, breakfast, and demos
  • Bill Clinton Conversation
  • Ripple lunch
  • Flashtalk: Launching payment apps
  • Regulation innovation: A global opportunity
  • Central banks tell and show
  • Lighting round
  • Private meetings
  • Customer celebration

Tuesday, October 2

  • Private meetings, breakfasts, and demos
  • Survey says
  • Crypto regulations around the world
  • Commerce Future
  • Ripple Lunch
  • Retail remittances improvement: Flash talk
  • Cross-network settlement problem and solution
  • Futurists and payments and blockchain
  • Digital assets adoption
  • Customer award reception


There will be a lot of amazing speakers at the conference. Some of them are listed below

  • Kanchan Kumar - CEO, Remitr
  • Nicolas Palacios - CFO, Cuallix
  • Brad Ganey - COO and SVP, Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Daumantas Dvilinskas - CEO, TransferGo
  • Tokunboh Ishmael - Chairwoman, African Venture Capital Association
  • Ben Brabyn, Head of Level 39
  • Prajit Nanu - CEO and Co-Founder, IstraReM

and many more!

Should you attend the conference?

If you are into the payment industry, then you can check out the Swell by Ripple. It offers a unique perspective about payments and how it will be changed in the future.