Supply Chain on Blockchain Conference 2020 | 101 Blockchains

Supply Chain on Blockchain Conference 2020

The Supply Chain on Blockchain Conference 2020 is going to take place on July 13, 2020. It will take place at the Fishburners Event Space, Brisbane, Australia. To improve the knowledge about the event, there will also be pre-conference webinars. These webinars are as follows.

  • Overview of Supply Chain by Dr. Valeri Natanelov 
  • Introduction to Blockchain by Peter Robinson


The vision of the Supply Chain on Blockchain conference is to get together the researcher and supply chain users from academia and industry. They will also bring the best minds from blockchain platform companies, supply chain application companies, and government. Their focus will be on different topics, including deal negotiations, logistics, financing, and provenance.

Call for speakers

Currently, the conference is looking for speakers. The search will start in Feb and March 2020. So, if you wish to speak at the conference, then do check out their site from time to time.

The year 2019 also had some amazing speakers. They had over 23 speaking proposals with an acceptance rate of 56%.

Some of the 2019 speakers include the following:

  • Sallyanne Astill - 25+ years software industry experience
  • Carlos Hernan Cruz Casto, Chemical Engineer, Universidad De América
  • Michelle Forrester, Technologist, and Passionate Writer.

And many others


The registrations for the event has not started yet. It will begin from April 2020. The price at the last 2019 conference was $40(normal) and $20(early bird)

Organizing committee

In the organizing committee, the following people are sharing their experience and expertise.

  • Peter Robinson, ConsenSys’s Protocol Engineering Group, Applied Cryptographer and Researcher
  • Rob Dawson, Pegasys, Product Lead
  • Dr. Sandra Johnson, ConsenSys, Applied Researcher
  • Dr. David Hyland-Wood, Multi-Disciplinary Engineer, Brisbane, Australia.