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Smart Contract Virtual Summit #0

Smart Contract Summit #0 is a two-day event that takes place online. It is powered by Chainlink. Right now, we are living in a pandemic and that’s why it is hard for organizations to step forward and go for an actual event. With Smart Contract Summit #0, they are trying to bring a virtual audience to their virtual event where they explore the latest happenings in the world of smart contracts.

At the event, you will be able to build and explore Smart Contracts and DeFI. By joining the event, you will become part of the largest decentralized finance (DeFI) conference that happens around the year. You can learn from the best minds in the DeFI community and learn what they are building!

The event is a result of the realization that decentralized finance and smart contracts are going to change the world around us by solidifying people's intent for a better future. The DeFi landscape is already seeing a sweeping change as new entrepreneurs are using their minds to create an innovative business with the new technology stack.

Networking and Reach

They are cultivating top minds to join and share their thriving journey with the people joining the event. At Smart Contract Summit #0, you will be able to meet with the Chain Link team, learn from the best minds, and also explore the dApps builders and what they think about game theory.


There will be some world-class speakers at the event which you can meet and discuss your thoughts about the blockchain ecosystem. The featured speakers right now are as follows.

  • Sergey Nazarov -- Chainlink co-founder
  • Ari Juels -- ChainLink Technical Advisor
  • Ed Felten -- Arbitrum Co-Founder
  • Fernado Ribeiro -- Oracle
  • Aaron Wright -- OpenLaw, CEO
  • Camila Russo -- The Defiant Founder
  • Yorke E. Rhodes -- Microsoft Blockchain Co-Founder
  • John Wolpert -- Consensys, Global Product Executive
  • Will Harborne -- Diversifi, CEO
  • Jonny Huxtable -- LinkPool, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Camila Russo -- Defiant, Founder

And many more! With each passing day, new speakers are being confirmed and added to the list!

Smart Contract Virtual Summit #0 Statistics

  • 100+ industry-leading partners and speakers
  • 5000+ attendees

Smart Contract Virtual Summit #0 Agenda

As it is a two-day event, the agenda for both the days is as below.

28th August - Friday

  • DAOs Governing Real-world Assets
  • Yield Farming
  • DeFi Growth in the 21st Century
  • Top projects in DeFi
  • From Ce-Fi to De-Fi
  • Insuring Smart Contracts
  • Off-Chain Computation
  • Exploring ETH 2.0
  • Current State of Smart Contracts
  • Traditional Banking and DeFi
  • A Futuristic View of Networks and Society
  • Become an Enterprise Smart Contract Whisperer
  • The State of Automated Market Makers
  • Blockchain in China

29th August - Saturday

  • Global State of Blockchain
  • Privacy for the End-user
  • Gaming, Art, and NFT Collectibles
  • Chainlink Infrastructure
  • Global DeFi Growth
  • Sergey Nazarov Keynote
  • Random Number Generation
  • How DeFi is Building a New Tech Stack

Side Sessions Throughout The Conference

You can also avail side sessions that are carried out through the out conference. For instance, you will be able to access developers' workshops, networking, and speaker’s AMAs. The list of side sessions for the Smart Contract Virtual Summit#0 are as below.

  • AMA with John Wolpert and Baseline
  • AMA with Justin Moses of Synthetix
  • NFTs with Alex Russman of Enjin
  • AMA with Alex Mashinsky of Celsius
  • Chainlink/RSK Integration Demo
  • Exploring BSN Network
  • LinkPool Deep-dive
  • SDL's Chainlink Oracle Reputation Deep-dive


The event is free to attend as a general audience for a developer.