Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum

Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum

Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum is one of the largest R&D events that will take place on 11-13th November 2019.

The event will aim to facilitate the Saudi 2030 vision which is to make Saudi Arabia the global leader in the digital economy. They will be covering a lot of topics including IoT, Data Science, Cloudificataion, Robotics, Deep Learning(DL), Machine Learning(ML), AR/VR, and Coding 4.0. They will be covering these topics across the private and public sectors. The gathering will be huge when it comes to C-suite executives and government officials. Also, they want to learn how the emerging tech is going to change the future and help understand what it is capable of.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend

There are many reasons you should attend the conference. However, the top five reasons are as below.

  • Learn about the 2030 mission along with how emerging technology is going to change  be implemented in Saudi Arabia
  • How emerging technologies are going to be used and help humans
  • Development of IIoT and IoT
  • Automation systems cross-sector implementation
  • Understanding global tech trends

Who should attend

The forum can be attended by a variety of job profiles and people from different industries. Few examples of job profiles that can attend the forum, CFOs, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Innovation Manager and so on. Industries from which working professionals can join include Power & Utilities, ICT, Hospitality, Government, ICT, Transport, F&B, Telecoms, Energy and Utilities, Education and so on.

International Tech Visionaries

There will be a lot of amazing visionaries at the conference. Few of the International Tech Visionaries are listed below

  • Cryus Hodes - Co-Founder, The AI Initiative
  • Prof. Ahmed Banafa, IoT blockchain
  • Tou Tammer - Head of Incident Response Department
  • Rob Van Alphen - CEO, School of Disruption
  • Bill Kalin - Independent Consultant
  • Danilo McGarry - Associate Director- Automation

Saudi 2030 Tech Pioneers

There will also be tech pioneers from Saudi 2030. Some of them are listed below.

  • Tom Gamali - Group CISO
  • Hesham Al Ghamdi - Digital Transformation Director
  • Bilal Husain - CEO, Digital Transformation
  • Osama Hashmi - Head of Development
  • Hans Christensen - VP, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

and so on!


  • Speakers - 50+
  • Attendees - 500+
  • Exhibitors - 60+
  • Awards by Sector - 10
  • Certified Technical Workshops - 12
  • PoCs and Live Demo Sessions - 30
  • IIoT focus day - 1
  • C-Level Executive Panel Discussions -12


The agenda of the forum for three days is on panel discussions, Networking lunch, official exhibition opening, keynote addresses on different technologies, and so on. If you want to know about the whole agenda, we suggest you visit the official website.