Penn Blockchain Conference 2019

Penn Blockchain Conference 2019

Penn Blockchain Conference 2019 is the second annual conference. It took place on April, 6th, 2019 in Philadelphia, USA. The tickets have already gone on sale, and you can grab yours one if you are interested in what the conference has to offer.


The speakers at the conference are the ones that make it amazing! Let’s list a few of the key speakers who are going to attend the Penn Blockchain Conference 2019.

  • Charlie Lee - Creator of Litecoin
  • Ari Paul - CIO of BlockTower Capital
  • Albert Wenger - Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures
  • Jalak Jobanputra - Managing Partner, Future Perfect Ventures
  • Kathryn Harrison - Product Management, IBM blockchain
  • Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking, Ripple
  • Patrick Nielsen, Co-Founder & CTO, Clovyr
  • Lane Retting, Developer, Ethereum Foundation
  • Leeor Shimron, CEO, NovaBlock Capital
  • Katheleen Breitman, CoFounder, Tezos
  • Arthur Brietman, Cofounder Tezor
  • Joshua Klayman, Founder, Klayman LLC
  • Jamie H.Finn, Co-Founder, Securitize
  • Michael Gronager, CEO, Chainalysis
  • Matt Shapiro
  • Principal, Multicoin Capital
  • Han Feng, Co-Founder, Elastos
  • Huining Cao, Founder, Usechain

And many more!


The program of the conference is unique and offers great value to the attendees. To get a clear idea let's go through some of the key events below.

  • Enterprise blockchain by Kathryn Harrison(IBM)
  • The Theory of Decentralization by Lane Rettig
  • Blockchain and Finance by Jesse R Drennan, Matt Wolfe, and others
  • Networks and Ecosystems by Kathleen Brietman, Karen Ottoni, and others.
  • Digital Securities by Jor Law,  Leeor Shimron and others
  • Investing in Cryptocurrencies by Albert Wenger, Bart Smith, and others
  • Blockchain Legal Landscape by Joshua Klayman, Michael Gronager and others
  • Scaling and Engineering, Lane Rettig, Patrick Nielsen, and others.
  • Investing in Startups by Nisa Amolis, Jalka Jobanputra, and others

And more!

Should you visit Penn Blockchain Conference 2019?

Penn Blockchain Conference does provide decent content and networking opportunity. It is going to take place in Philadelphia which means that it is accessible by most of the people out there.