Multi-Disciplinary Hands-On Blockchain Workshop Geared for Women 2019

If you are a woman and staying in New York for the period of 16-17th May 2019, then you should check out the Multi-Disciplinary Hands-on Blockchain Workshop. The workshop is geared toward women. It is a two-day event that will engage students on multiple topics including crypto economics, distributed ledger technology, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. The different aspects will be understood from diverse angles including economics, law, code, and education.

The learning methodologies that are going to be used in the workshop include discussion, lecture, hands-on experience, and breakout sessions. The approach will be both technical and non-technical so that it fits every type of learner.

The main focus would be blockchain, and it will be extremely technical. To get a grasp of the material, the students have to actively take part in the learning and understand the technical aspect best to their capacity. They will be provided with coding exercises. Also, the labs will be conducted in groups and every student will have a proper opportunity when it comes to networking.

Who can attend the workshop? - The target audience

They are expecting the audience from diverse backgrounds including entrepreneurial and corporate education, including people from startups or fairly large corporations. Their workshop success can be gauged from the fact that many attendees are now working in blockchain roles for their company.

So, who can attend the workshop? The workshop is best suited for executives who are already working but are looking to change their career path. This means anyone can join the workshop, the background doesn't matter. However, if you are from a background that can take benefit from blockchain, then you can really benefit from the workshop as it can provide the necessary skills to use in the industry you are already working. These backgrounds can include health care, insurance, services, supply chain management, and so on. There is no pre-requisite requirement of technical knowledge, and hence the workshop is ideal for both non-technical and technical students.

Also, the majority of the seats are for women, but that doesn't mean men cannot join the workshop. Men can also apply to the workshop through a separate link. This means that anyone can join the workshop, despite the gender

What are the key goals of the workshop?

To better understand the workshop, we also need to understand its key goals. The key goals are as below:

  • Understanding distributed ledger technologies(DLT), blockchain and its ecosystem
  • Learn what blockchain platforms and applications are. Also, learn about the tools that are used to build them
  • Learn about cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain browser and how to navigate through them
  • Get knowledge about the difference between hybrid, private and public ledgers. Also, learn the motivating factors behind the ledger types
  • Understanding the consensus algorithm (high-level)
  • ICO and smart contracts - how they work together


The candidates who successfully complete the workshop will receive their certificates in digital format.

Insurance Track

There will also be insurance track that aims to train participants and make them trainers. There is a big gap in the demand for trainers who are qualified blockchain instructor. The track will run in parallel with the workshop, and anyone who is interested can participate in it. It will start from May 15th to May 18th.

Speakers and Education Instructors

There would be both educators and speakers at the workshop. They include the following:

  • Emi Yoshikawa - Sr. Director of Global Operations, Ripple
  • Joshua Klayman - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Lawyer
  • Navroop Sahdev - Creates Business Intelligence using Blockchain
  • Crystal Stranger - Author of Small Business Tax Guide
  • Nathalie Gachot - Attorney
  • Bradley Miles - CEO and Co-Founder Turing
  • William Entriken - Blockchain Developer, Ethereum
  • Taariq Lewis - Co-Founder and CEO, Promise Software
  • Robert Schwentker - DLT Education President


The pricing of the workshop will be as follows:

  • Early Bird Women - Student Track - $825
  • Perfect Timing for Women - Student Track - $925
  • Late Bird Women - Studen Track - $1025
  • Women - Instructor Empowerment Track (includes Student Track Ticket) - $1,475