MFC Annual Conference 2019: Demystifying Digital in Microfinance

MFC Annual Conference 2019: Demystifying Digital in Microfinance

Demystifying Digital In MicroFinance is an annual conference which takes on the practical sides of digitalization in the financial sector. The conference will cover different case studies, trends and discuss the emerging best practices. The conference will take place from May 30-31,2019 at Istanbul, Turkey. It is a two-day event where they will conduct workshops, side meetings and panel discussions on understanding the digitization in the financial sector.

Topics covered in MFC Annual Conference

Multiple topics will be covered within the event. They are as below.

  • Agile work process
  • Staff digital competency
  • Non-credit digital products
  • Digital client experience
  • Digital risk management
  • Digitalization strategies
  • Digital financial service responsibility
  • Migrants financial services
  • Financial inclusion and FinTechs
  • Micro-business ecosystem design
  • Digitalization and regulatory issues


The agenda of the conference would be around keynotes, workshops, and proper breaks. It will start at 8.00 am on 29th may and will continue for the two consecutive days.

  • The key workshops at the conference include the following.
  • Fintch and Financial Inclusion in Turkey and Beyond
  • EU Funding for Microfinance: Latest News and Changes!
  • Gaining efficiency through digital processes and systems
  • Banking Models for Micro- and Small Businesses

and so on!

There will also be a special keynote by Tim Ogden, Financial Access Initiative from New York University


The registration fees depend on when you register for the event. The fees are as follows:

  • MFC Member - 450 EUR before April 1, 530 EUR between Apr 2- May 14, and On-Site Fee of 800 EUR from May 15
  • MFC Non-member - 600UR before April 1, 720EUR between Apr 2- May 14, and On-Site Fee of 450EUR from May 15
  • Group - 400 EUR before April 1, 450EUR between Apr 2- May 14, and On-Site Fee of 800 EUR from May 15

The registration fees include the following

  • Admission to Exhibition and Scientific Sessions
  • Access to conference materials, coffee, and lunch breaks, and Gala Dinner

The methods of payment supported include credit card and bank transfer. They also have cancellations and refunds policy. To know more about it, we recommend checking their official website.

1st Ever paperless conference

The conference will also mark itself as the 1st ever paperless conference. Yes, you read it right. No papers will be used at the conference!

Should you attend the conference?

The conference lets you understand the digitization in microfinance. If you are one of those people who are from the finance sector and want to learn about digitalization in that sector, then the conference should have something for you.