Mallorca Blockchain Days | 101 Blockchains

The Mallorca Blockchain Days is an event organized for and by blockchain enthusiasts. It is scheduled as a three-day event which will start on March 20th and end on March 22nd, 2020 at Palma, Mallorca, Spain.

It’s a very popular event in the blockchain space that brings together a diverse collection of Blockchain users - from business owners and working professionals to attorneys and even everyday investors. It is the ideal place for Blockchain enthusiasts to come together and share their passion.


The event is set to be populated by a diverse entourage of speakers from different industries sharing their stories and love for blockchain. Notable faces include:

  • Christian Luecke - Organizer of The Mallorca Blockchain Days, and Co-Founder of Cryptonaut.
  • Rahim Taghizadegan - The Director of Academic Research Institute Scholarium in Austria.
  • Aaron Koenig - Writer, Film-Producer, and Blockchain Enthusiast.
  • Gideon Gallasch - Co-Founder of The Blockchainhotel and
  • Max Hillebrand - Austrian Economist, Supporter of Several Open Source Bitcoin Projects.
  • Christian Schreiber - Core Developer and Founder of the BITCORE BTX.
  • Arno Pfefferling - Blockchain Researcher.
  • Travin Keith - Cryptocurrency Advocate.

And many more.

As of now, the official website has enlisted over 20 speakers to take the stage at the event. 


The event begins on 20th March 2020, at around 8:00 pm with a pre-party. The evening is dedicated to enjoying some drinks, chatting, and making acquaintances with the other attendees.

The real conference is scheduled for the following day,  21st March at 9.00 am. Here, all the speakers and several startups from all over the world will take the stage to discuss their findings, case studies, and research works related to the world of blockchains. 

A dedicated floor for the exhibition has also been prepared. Talks are organized on topics like the current state of blockchain, the impact of blockchain on the industry, how it is paving the way to our future, and even a dedicated investor panel.

The event is set to last till late evening and will end with an 8:00 pm dinner with all the speakers. You can use this time to form connections with the speakers, discuss your thoughts, and treat it is as a powerful opportunity for networking.

It all wraps up on 22nd March with an afternoon brunch. Make sure you got all the contact information of peers you want to connect with.

Who Should Attend?

The event is dedicated to any and all blockchain enthusiasts - from people who are actively dealing with the distributed ledger technology at work to everyday investors, and even research workers.

If you are looking to make connections to several key players in the blockchain space, then you should definitely consider attending the event. Furthermore, all the networking opportunities that you get in the form of a pre-party, after-party, and brunch, give you ample time to make new connections and acquaintances in the field.

Ticket Prices

You can either get the Mallorca Blockchain Day conference pass at €140 per person or the VIP pass at €680.

With the Conference Pass, you will get full access to all the sessions, panels and talks along with the exhibition floor.

However, if you get the VIP Pass, you will also get an invitation to the pre-conference event, after-party, and the next-day brunch alongside the opportunity to seat with the speakers during dinner. Not to mention access to the best seats to enjoy the whole conference like a VIP.