Magical Crypto Conference

Magical Crypto Conference

Magical Crypto Conference is a two-day conference that will give the attendees access to 40+ speakers and two stages. The speakers will join from all around the world and the industry's top experts. The conference aims to enable the attendees to learn something unique and valuable, and it doesn't matter how much time the blockchain has been in the market.

Magical Crypto Conference - Blockchain Speakers

There will be amazing speakers at the conference. Let's list a few of them below.

  • Elizabeth Start - CEO, Lightning Labs
  • Dr. Adam Back, CEO - Blockstream
  • Peter Todd - Inventor - Opentimestamps
  • Alyse Killen - Founding Partner - Stillmark Co
  • Charlie Lee- Founder, Litecoin
  • Luke Dashjr - Blockchain Engineer - Bitcoin Core
  • Meltem Demirors - CSO, CoinShares
  • Stacy Herbert - Co-Host, Keser Report
  • Samson Mow - CSO, Blockstream

and many more!

Event Agenda

MCC2019 will have two tracks and two different rooms. The Cypherpunk conference from the first stage will be broadcasted live on Youtube whereas the 2nd stage will host the panels and talks. They will only be recorded, and then later uploaded to Youtube. The agenda is to have both technical and non-technical talks and ensure that there is something for everyone out there.

Some of the key sub-events that is going to take place in the two-day event include Lighting Payments, Taxonomy of LN nodes, Bitcoin Satellite Network, Bitcoin vs Big Brother, and more on the first day. The second day of talks and presentation will consist of topics such as Revolutionizing website integrity, Fork Dynamics, Sowing the Seeds of Destruction, Fireside chat and so on!


The venue for the conference is 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. It is a modern facility which is equipped with all the needs to make the conference successful.

About Magical Crypto Friends

Magical Crypto Friends are taking care of the Magical Crypto Conference. It is a collaboration of Riccardo Spagni, Samson Mow, and WhalePanda. They are working together from October 2017 and want to bring the best through podcasting and events.