International Trade Blockchain World Virtual Conference

International Trade Blockchain World Virtual Conference Featured

We at 101 blockchains welcome you to our International Trade Blockchain World Virtual Conference that is going to take place on June 17, 2020.

The virtual event will have more than 1000+ attendees, 9+ speakers, and 3+ topics.

Blockchain technology is at the forefront of the big change around us. It impacts almost every sector. However, one sector seems to be changed forever, i.e., International Trade Finance. With proper digitization, International Trade can reach new heights even when there is a large number of variables and parties involved. Digitization through blockchain solution is the key here as it can help solve many current problems, including trust, transparency, reach, and immutability. It provides a consensus method that validates each transaction and ensures that it is neither tampered with nor modified in any way! All of these happen without the need for a centralized entity which in itself ads trust issues to the whole network.

By attending the event, you will be able to learn about the role of blockchain technology in the digital transformation and how it is leading it. We will discuss its benefits and how it is solving real basic problems by removing the pain points and friction in the processes.

Event Program

The event program for the International Trade Blockchain World Virtual Conference will be as below:

  • Opening Speech → 15:00/09:00 am
  • Opening Keynote → 15:05/09:05 am
  • Session 1 - Trade Dynamics at 15:30/09:30 am by 
    • Tony Brown, CEO & Founder, The Trade Advisory
    • Qamar Saleem, Global SME Banking Lead, Regional Manager Asia & Pacific, IFC - International Finance Corporation
  • Keynote → 15:55/9:55 am
  • Session 2 - Blockchain In Trade at 16:20/10:20 am by
    • Gadi Benmosche, CIO, Israel Ports Company
    • Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst, WTO, Economic Research Department
  • Keynote → 16:45/10:45 am
  • Session 3 - Blockchain To Facilitate International Trade at 17:10/11:10 am by
    • Grzegorz Tajchman, IT Solutions Manager, International Trade Centre, Trade for Sustainable Development Programme

Featured Speakers

There will be many notable speakers at the conference. These notable speakers include the following:

  • Lance Thompson → United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe, Head Of Unit
  • Emmanuelle Ganne → WTO, Economic Research Department, Senior Analyst
  • Qamar Saleem → IFC - International Finance Corporation, Regional Manager Asia & Pacific and Global SME Banking Lead
  • Tony Brown → The Trade Advisory, Founder & CEO
  • Gadi Benmoshe → Israel Ports Company, CIO
  • Grzegorz Tajchman → International Trade Centre, Trade for Sustainable Development Programme

Topics Covered

At the conference, we will cover three main topics. These topics are as below:

Session 1: Trade Dynamics

In this session, we will cover how blockchain is going to change international trade finance and international trade as a whole. There is no doubt that blockchain will make things more transparent and efficient; however, there is a need to learn “how” blockchain will bring those changes. To understand its impact, we will also take a look at how financial institutions are experimenting with the technology and using it to increase access time with less impact on expenses. They also want to work on improving international trade operations with the help of insurance and third-party lending.

The session will be lead by industry leaders and innovators from the supply chain finance and international trade. They will showcase the innovation that they achieved with blockchain and how it is offering the Opportunites to improve international trade.

Session 2: Blockchain In Trade

Blockchain’s impact is undeniable in international trade. After all, it results in massive cost reduction related to export and import licenses, shipping documents, cargo verification creation, and accuracy.

The session will be discussed by International Trade institutions leaders. They will cover a different aspect of how blockchain will reach a perfect balance between experimentation, innovation, and tradition in international trade. All of these needs to be achieved under the proper policy environment.

Session 3: Blockchain To Facilitate International Trade

Blockchain undoubtedly affects the industry, specifically on how it will detect and stop illicit trade flows. It will change how customs are handled and help make the process smoother than before. The change will improve global trade volumes and improve movement across the whole network.

The last session will focus specifically on how the main actors in the International Trade will adopt blockchain and how they are going to take the help of International Trade organizations across different processes, including the supply chain.

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