First Swiss Symposium - Blockchain Research

First Swiss Symposium – Blockchain Research

First Swiss Symposium is the first symposium that is going to take place in Switzerland. It is carried out by the University of Zurich Blockchain Center. It is a one-day conference, and the conference aims to provide a full-day scientific programme. Most of the representation will be done by Swiss institutions. They also want to provide the attendees with knowledge from cutting edge researchers and practitioners from the fields of technology, law, and economic.

Key aspects of the symposium

There are three key aspects of the First Swiss Symposium - Blockchain Research. It will be composed of an interdisciplinary community that drives innovation. The speakers will be from various fields including Technology, Law, and Economics. The symposium will also be research driven where all the presentation is taken care of by the academic professionals related to various fields. Multiple institutions will also be taking part in the symposium and discuss blockchain technology.


The speakers that are invited to the symposium include the following.

  • Prof. Dr. Roger Whattenhoffer - Professor at the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Department, - ETH Zurich
  • Prof. Dr. Aleksander Berentsen - Professor of Economic Theory, University of Basel
  • Prof. Dr. Bryan Ford - Leads the DEDIS lab at the EPFL
  • Paola Tasca - Digital Economist, P2P financial systems specialization
  • Michael Lustenberger - Research Associate, ZHAW School of Management and Law
  • Dr. Alfred Fruh - Managing Director at the Center for Information Technology, ITSL


The general admission tickets will cost you nothing! Yes, the symposium is free for general admission.

About Event Organizer

The event organizer is UZH Blockchain Center that will take care of everything that the symposium has to offer.


The program has not yet been finalized and will be announced shortly. That's why we recommend you to check out their official website for an update program.

Should you visit the Blockchain Symposium?

The blockchain symposium offers a unique perspective on the blockchain technology. It provides a great value to those who are looking for advanced stuff. For more info, check out their official website.