Finnovation Kenya

Finnovation Kenya wants to be a complete reboot for a unique kind of industry. The event wants to encourage ideas that will deconstruct all tried and tested formats and build new industries from the ground up. The dynamic FinTech market requires innovation and transformation every step of the way, and Finnovation seeks to be a platform for the best minds behind financial services. Over 300 established members of the industry, as well as startups, are set to attend the event to discuss investment, the blockchain industry, disruptive solutions, and more.


The event is scheduled at the Radisson Blu in Nairobi, Kenya on 18th June 2019.


The key topics that will be discussed at the event include the Stakeholder Value Chain, the driving forces that are changing the FinTech industry in Africa, and an investor insights event. With traditional digital financial services being disrupted by Open Banking and APIs, mobile money and payments innovation members will be discussing how the modern-day services are affecting banks across Africa. Speakers will also talk about how Africa has been traditionally underbanked over the years and how modern-day FinTech services can change that through innovation.


Attendee Tickets: USD 1200


Some of the notable speakers who will be attending the event include Chris Principe (CEO/Publisher at Solidus Global Ltd and FinFuture and Financial IT), Jeremy Awory (Managing Director at Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd.) and Brian Richardson (CEO and co-founder of WIZZIT International). Should you attend the event?

If you are interested in investing or being part of the growing FinTech industry in not just Kenya but all of Africa, Finnovation Kenya is a one-of-a-kind event that encourages new ideas and innovation. Technology startups in the region have been highly successful and have become part of the driving forces in Kenya. If you want to be a part of the technological revolution, you should consider being part of the event.