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Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit is an enterprise blockchain summit that is going to take place on November 29, 2019. The venue of the event is DCU All Hallows Campus.

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit

At the event, you will be able to meet the best minds of blockchain technology. There, you can interact with developers, industry leaders, blockchain technology experts, and gurus. They will discuss industry case studies and try to learn from there. The aim is to learn from the cases and implement it. They will also focus on enterprise blockchain future.

In short, leading experts will showcase their expertise and share their valuable opinion on how to make the most out of the enterprise blockchain. The end goal is to maximize profit for your company.

Statistics about the blockchain Dublin event

  • 7 speakers
  • 7 topics
  • 50 tickets

Past Speakers

The past speakers include some of the prominent players in the blockchain industry. Some of the notable ones include the following:

  • Justin Mccarthy, ProjectUbu, CEO
  • Juan Engelbrecht, MOBU, Founder and CEO
  • Bob Blower, Globe Remitter and Crowd force, Advisory Board Member and Managing Director
  • Kevin Derman, Kaskade.Cloud, CEO
  • Rudi Kruger, Index Innovation Group, Founder
  • Thavash Govender, Microsoft, Data and AI - Solution Specialist
  • Fabin Van Der Merwe - Autoxchange.IO, South Africa Advisor

Current Speakers

Currently, they have one speaker listed on their site. It is Luiz Fernando Cruz, Technical Trainer, and Content Creator, Consensys.

Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is an exciting one. Check it out below.

  • Registration
  • Conference Overview by Archana Akhaury, 1.21GWS, Founder and CTO
  • Introduction to Ethereum by Luix Fernando Cruz, ConsenSys, Technical Trainer and Creator
  • Blockchain Proof of Concept
  • Small Break
  • How IoT and Blockchain improve supply chain real-time traceability
  • Lunch break
  • The future of blockchain
  • User journey and user experience - discussing web3 products
  • Small break
  • Smart contracts implementation and legal blockchain aspects
  • Global payments for an enterprise blockchain solution


The pricing of the Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit is as below

  • Group of three(Early Bird) → EUR 280 → valid until July 27
  • Group of three(standard) → EUR 320 → valid until November 29
  • Individual(Early Bird) → EUR 370 → valid until October 29
  • Individual(Standard) → EUR 430 → valid until November 29.