Digital Health 2019

Digital Health is an international conference that aims to cover modern healthcare and the innovation associated with it. It is going to take place in Houston USA on 24-25 April 2019. At the event, you will be able to meet experts and inspiring speakers from which you can learn and improve your knowledge.

The event is the part of the Conference Series LLC Ltd Conferences. They have done over 3000+ global events, 1200+ symposiums, 600+ conferences and 1200+ workshops related to different sectors such as Pharma, Engineering, Technology, and so on.

Meet The Experts @ Digital Health 2019

The experts who are going to take part in the event include the following.

  • Nick Desai - CEO of Heal USA
  • Christian Maier - University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • Ryan Shaw - Blockade CEO, Technologies USA
  • Alexis Normand - Embleema Health(Techstarts 2019), USA
  • Sunandan Chakraborty - School of Informatics and Computing
  • Ezekiel Chinyio: University of Wolverhampton UK
  • Joshua Wies - Agewell Biometrics, USA
  • Debra L. Griffin - Patient Data Exchange, LLC Jackson, Mississippi USA

Scientific Sessions and Tracks

There will be multiple scientific sessions and tracks. These sessions and tracks are as below:

  • Track - 1: Digital Health Start-up Forum
  • Track - 2: mHealth
  • Track - 3: e-Health
  • Track - 4: Digital Health Technologies
  • Track - 5: Medical Informatics and Telemedicine
  • Track - 6: Drug Discovery & Drug Screening
  • Track - 7: Diabetes and digital health
  • Track - 8: Digital Therapeutics and Diagnostics
  • Track - 9: Clinical Research and Clinical Trials
  • Track  -10: Ethical and Policy Challenges in Digital Health
  • Track - 11: Bioinformatics and Digital Health
  • Track - 12: Genomics & Precision Medicine
  • Track - 13: Digital Healthcare and Women's Health
  • Track -14: Big Data & Digital Transformation

Who can attend the conference?

The conference can be attended by NGOs, Agencies, Block-chain specialists, startups, industry, IT/SM industry, Big data scientists, clinical data managers, associates, and bio-medical technologists.


The prices are different depending on your origin. The academic pricing starts from €551 for delegates, business pricing at €727, and student pricing at €551.

They also have few packages that you can check which offers overall good value. For more information about the packages and prices, we recommend checking out their official website. Also, they are offering a 25% discount on group registration.

Program Schedule

  • The program schedule for both the days of the conference is as below:
  • Keynotes such as Blockchain and its future in genomic, digital security and blockchain technology integration
  • Panel discussions during the refreshment and networking breaks
  • Blockchain for healthcare by Aleix Normad
  • Handling stress management at work by using data stream in new health application
  • Fixing America's broken healthcare system
  • Electronic medical record benefits, approach, and outcomes
  • Next generation patient risk scoring system using computational biology and artificial intelligence
  • Text mining and information extraction
  • German healthcare market
  • Computer software development for cardiometabolic risk assessment

Should you attend the Digital Health Conference 2019?

If you are into the health industry, then you should check out Digital Health Conference 2019. It is a great conference that shares informative content on blockchain and health. You will also be able to do proper networking in the healthcare blockchain industry.