Decentralized 2019 is one of the most popular events in Europe. It is seen as Europe’s premier conference on digital currencies and blockchain.

It will take place from 30 Oct - 1 Nov 2019 at Athens, Greece.

It will host a total of 1500+ attendees, 40+ sponsors, 100+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors, 30+ media partners and attendees from 50+ countries. It is truly a global event with a focus on blockchain and decentralized ledger technology.

The Decentralized 2019 event will bring the best academic experts and business executives from all around the world. They will debate on future developments and current trends which will be spread across three conference tracks.

Conference tracks

The event will host three conference tracks. The conference tracks will be as follows:

  • Business: business leaders and executives will discuss how digital currencies and blockchain have the potential to disrupt businesses.
  • Technology: The professionals from digital currency and blockchain will take on the latest development
  • Academia: The researchers will discuss how the blockchain space looks exciting and share their research.

There will also be interviews, presentation, and keynotes on the show floor.

Decentralized 2019 speakers

The decentralized 2019 speakers will be as follows:

  • Toni Lane Casserly - Founder, Culture
  • Bill Barhydt - CEO & Founder, Abra
  • Ian Gauci, Partner, GTG Advocates
  • Tim Draper - Founder, Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper
  • Alexis Nicolaou - Director,
  • Antony Lewis - Research Director, R3
  • Silvio Schembri - Jr Minister for Financial Services, Malta
  • Jeremy Epstein, CEO, Never Stop Marketing
  • George Giaglis - Director, Institute for the future, University of Nicosia
  • Raphael Markellos - Finance Professor and Research Director
  • Tone Vays - Content Creator,
  • John Velissarios - Global Managing Director - Accenture
  • Andreas Vlachos - Partnerships Manager, Institute for the Future
  • Fabian Schulz - Business Development & Partnerships, Parity


There is a clear motive behind Decentralized 2019. They want to build a community that has a passion for blockchain technology and digital currencies. These chapters ensure that knowledge and technology awareness is distributed through proper channel across different regions of the world. The chapter activities are as below:

  • Education/Training
  • Speaker series
  • Startups Support
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Peer support for UNIC programs


The tickets for Decentralized 2019 are as follows

  • Super Early Bird - €299.00
  • Super Early Bird Student - €149.00
  • Super Early Bird & CORDA Bootcamp - €348.00
  • Super Early Bird Student and CORDA Bootcamp - €198.00

The decentralized tickets will give you access to Full two-day sessions, networking cocktails, coffee breaks & lunches. The Decentralized & CORDA Bootcamp will provide you with access to full three-day sessions, coffee breaks & lunch and networking cocktails.


  • Attendees - 1500+
  • Speakers - 100+
  • Sponsors - 40+
  • Exhibitors - 20+
  • Media Partners - 30+
  • Countries - 50+