Crypto Fest 2019

Crypto Fest 2019 is a one-day event that is going to take place on 7th September 2019. It is a global event that is taking place in Africa. The event will have 200+ delegates, 15+ exhibitors, 15+ speakers, and attendees from 30+ countries.

Why attend the event? - Crypto Africa Conference

If you want to explore cryptocurrency and blockchain in-depth, then the Crypto Fest 2019 has a lot of things to offer. It is organized by Bitcoin Events -- as they look into the impact of blockchain or cryptocurrency on the global economy. They will be bringing experts from innovators, leaders, traders, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, businesses, and others! They will try to look into major blockchain players and how they are changing the world. As an attendee, you will be able to learn about the key factors that are impacting the market and the industry. You will also be able to network and meet some great influencers who have worked in the market for a few years now!

Key Aspects of the event

The key aspects of the event include the following.

  • Workshops - You can participate in the workshop where you will be taught about investment and trading, wallets and how to take advantage of the opportunities available to you.
  • Networking - You will get the chance to do networking with 200+ delegates from trading, investment, legal, and so on.
  • Exhibitions - Gain knowledge from exhibitions that shows blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.
  • Latest trends - Learn about the latest trends that are going on with the security, trading platforms, regulations and so on!
  • Thought leaders - Hear from prominent leaders, innovators, and other major leaders in the industry

The focus of the crypto fest will be trading, investing, exchanges, IEOs and ICOs, and exchanges.


The speakers that will be joining the conference include the following.

  • Connie Gallippi
  • Rocelo Lopes

The list is not complete and more speakers will be added to the list soon.


The ticket prices for the conference include the following.

  • Early Adopter Ticket - R450 -- valid until 31st August 2019
  • Academic/Student Ticket - $350 -- valid from 1st May - 31 August, 2019 for students only.
  • Startup Ticket - R450, available 1st May- 31st 2019. The startup should be registered for less than 3 years.
  • Standard Ticket - R550 - available 1st June - 31st August 2019
  • Late Adopter Ticket - R650 - From 1st Sep to 6 Sep 2019

Should you attend the conference?

If you are into crypto and blockchain, then you should check out The Crypto Fest 2019. It has unique schedule with flexible ticket pricing.


  • Delegates - 200+
  • Speakers - 15+
  • Exhibitors - 15+
  • Countries - 30+