Consensus Singapore 2018

Consensus Singapore 2018 is one of the most popular conferences that happened in 2018. It attracted 8000+ attendees and more than 50% of the attendees were international and came from outside the United States. The key selling point of the Consensus Singapore is its ability to offer specialized networking opportunities and content. A lot of big companies and innovative startups also become part of the Consensus Singapore 209 by providing insightful content about their products and what they think about the future of blockchain.

Statistics 2018

  • Attendees - 8000+
  • Solution providers - 150+ startups and solution providers
  • Speakers - 75+
  • Sponsors - 50+
  • Days -2


The agenda of the conference is to discuss blockchain and its impact on other technologies. The key events of the conference included the following:

  • State of blockchain
  • Conversation with Don Wilson
  • Monetary Authority Singapore conversation
  • Race to offer blockchains in the cloud
  • Smart contracts to get law degrees?
  • Money transfer on the blockchain
  • Crypto futures and Asia's market
  • Conversation with CZ of Binance
  • The rise of corporate token fund
  • Ethereum meets NEO
  • Future of Tokenization: CoinDesk, SGX, and MAS

and much more!


Some of the most prominent speakers that joined the Consensus Singapore 2018 are listed below.

  • Ian Allison - Reporter, CoinDesk
  • Vijay Ayyar, Global Head of Countries
  • Chris Banbury, VP of Business Development, Prime Trust
  • BRian Cai, CEO, and Founder, Fortuna
  • Phil Chen, Decentralized Cheif Officer
  • Alexis N. Chun, Recovering Lawyer,
  • Sid Chelho-Prabhu, Product Lead, Coinbase Wallet
  • Ben He, CEO, and Founder, imToken
  • Myungsan Jun, CSO, BOScoin
  • Bing Lin, CEO, and Chairman, C Block Capital Group
  • Yusho Liu, CEO, Coinhako
  • Ryu Okada, co-CEO, Founder, Soramitsu, Co., Ltd.


As the event is now over, there is no registration possible. Also, we have no information on when the next iteration of the conference will take place.

Should you wait for the next iteration?

Sure, you should wait as it offers a unique perspective on what blockchain has to offer. So, we would recommend you to wait for the next iteration. Also, keep following as we are going to cover it when it happens.