COMSNETS 2020 Workshop on Cyber Security and Blockchain | 101 Blockchains

COMSNETS 2020 Workshop on Cyber Security and Blockchain

If you are looking to join a workshop on both blockchain and cybersecurity, then you can check out the Cybersecurity and Blockchain Workshop that is going to take place at the COMSNETS conference. It is taking place on 07th January 2020.

At the Workshop, you will be able to meet researchers that work on both blockchain and cybersecurity. You can not only learn from them but also learn about the latest trends in the cybersecurity field. You will also learn how these new techniques are applied to different areas, including blockchain, communications systems, and more. At the Workshop, you will be able to meet people from the industry, academia, and government.

Topics Covered At the Workshop

The following topics will be covered at the Workshop. Let’s list them one by one.

  • Social networks security
  • Accounting, authorization, and authentication
  • Network Firewalls, Packet Filters, Prevention and Intrusion Detection
  • Security in pervasive computing, grid, and cloud.
  • Embedded system security
  • Distributed ledger technologies and blockchain
  • A consensus algorithm, and Proof-of-Work algorithms
  • Chain code and Secure smart contract
  • Performance evaluation techniques and simulation

And much more!

Paper Submission Guidelines

Anyone can submit papers if they meet their criteria. It needs to be 66 pages in length, single bind. It should also include the author's name along with affiliation.

Due dates that you should know about

  • Paper submission → 29th November 2019
  • Acceptance notification → 13th December 2019
  • Camera-ready submission → 20th December 2019

Keynote Speakers

There will be top keynote speakers at the Workshop, including the following:

  • Nishanth Chandran, Microsoft Research, India
  • Neetesh Saxena, Cardiff University, UK. He will speak about smart grid security and explore the possibility of connected smart city and its security. 

Workshop Co-Chairs are

  • Giridhar Mandyam, Qualcomm, USA
  • Prashant Pillai, University of Wolverhampton, UK