CoinAdvice Fintech & Blockchain Conference 2019

CoinAdvice Fintech & Blockchain Conference 2019

CoinAdvice Blockchain & Fintech Conference 2019 is going to take place from 30th June to 2 July 2019. It is taking place at the Athenee Hotel, Bangkok. It is a 3-day event that will cover both the blockchain conference and Fintech. It is also one of the event organizers, and that can be seen from their past conferences that they have completed successfully. This event will have a particular focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain domain and how it is going to affect the Fintech market. To empower the conference, they have both domestic and international partners that provide the necessary solutions and networking opportunities. Their idea for the conference stems from the fact that they want digital assets and blockchain to integrate into our daily lives. Their community is also growing with time, and you should check out what they have to offer.

More about the CoinAdvice Blockchain and Fintech Conference

More things will be covered at the conference. They are as follows.

  • Networking - With over 1500 people at the event, you will get an excellent opportunity to do networking. Popular people including founders and CEO will join the conference with a focus on the startups and blockchain technology.
  • Learning - At the event, you will be able to learn from the best were the best speakers would share their use-cases, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Exposure - CoinAdvice offers excellent exposure to both attendees and the event participants as it has over 100 global journalist and 250+ speakers

Key speakers

  • The key speakers at the event include the following.
  • Dato Steve Cheah - President At Global Entrepreneurship Network(Gen), Thailand
  • Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa - CEO and Co-Founder Bitkub
  • Neha Mehta, Founder, FemTech Partners
  • Chris Ziomkowski, Founder at XTend Online
  • Tiago Costa Alves, VP Asia Pacific AppCoin

Conference Schedule

The three-day schedule is action-packed. There will be keynotes, panel discussion, lunch, networking, and workshop with certification. The conference schedule is not yet announced completely, so keep checking 101Blockchain Events for more information.


The ticket pricing is as follow.

  • Standard - $100 until early bird April 30, $175 otherwise -- you will get regular registration, regular seating, conference sessions, snacks and coffee, exhibition area.
  • VIP - $300 until early bird April 30, $650 otherwise -- everything that standard ticket has to offer plus access to everything that the event has to offer including business networking, sponsors/speakers lounge, lunch, course and much more!


  • Startups - 15
  • Attendees - 500+
  • Speakers - 45+
  • Media Partners - 60+
  • Crypto and Blockchain Advisors - 50
  • Government Participants - 4
  •  Blockchain Workshop - 1
  • Hours of Interviews - 300
  • Days - 3
  • Partners - 20+
  • VC and Investors - 25+