Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit

Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit

Chain Plus is an Asia Pacific blockchain new finance summit. It will take place in Singapore from 11th-12th April 2019. So, what makes Chain Plus so unique? Let’s learn more about it below.

Chain Plus is managed by the Blockchainer, a multi-node super incubator that works on the global stage. Until now, they have successfully managed their events in different parts of the world including Berlin, Shanghai, Seoul, Switzerland, New York, Silicon Valley and many more! As you might have guessed it, it is all about blockchain, its infrastructure, growth, and impact on other sectors such as entertainment, finance and so on. The resources are based on multiple nodes which ensure proper growth to different sectors.

They also provide FEA Consulting which holds summits on different sectors including consumer finance, FinTech, internet insurance, AI, wealth management and more! Until now, they can serve over 30,000 industry leaders and 5,000 global companies.

Why attend Chain Plus? - Chain Plus New York

Until now we told you about Blockchainer and what it achieved through its past events. However, what makes Chain Plus worth your time? Let’s discuss some of the critical highlights of the event below.

  • Understanding the global blockchain financial enterprises and how they work
  • Project showcase on investment and business integration
  • Cutting-edge cases
  • Amalgamation of different governments
  • 150 global leading institutions involvement
  • 8+ hours of one-on-one meeting

There will also be six sessions around which the main agenda will revolve. They are as follows.

  • Blockchain’s layout in traditional finance
  • STO and stable coin industry distribution and it's potential
  • Reg Tech present discussion and the future
  • Global digital assets management
  • Global payment innovation
  • Blockchain application experience in large e-Commerce institutions.


When it comes to speakers, Chain Plus has many! Let’s list a few of them below.

  • Karan Seth, JP Morgan, Vice President, Global Payment Strategy
  • Robert Jan, Bifinex
  • Michael Ran, Stellar
  • Kelvin Tan, DBS Bank
  • Carylyne CHan, CoinMarketCap
  • Kevin Ren, Consensus Lab
  • Du Jun, Node Capital
  • Jason, C Blockchain


  • Influential public child key derivation - 10
  • KOL speakers- 50+
  • Valuable and innovative topics - 40+
  • Capable new projects - 100+
  • Global mainstream media - 150+
  • Guests - 500+
  • High-level management position in a business party - 100

Who will/should attend the conference?

The following audience will attend the conference.

  • Companies
  • Traffic merchants
  • Payment platforms
  • Crypto wallet
  • Distribution Platform
  • Trade Platform
  • Investor Institution
  • Media
  • Others


  • C Level
  • Founder
  • Head of Departments
  • General Managers
  • And Others


The tickets range from $69.30 to $1000. The event has ended, and the ticket prices are shared for information only.