BlockShow Asia 2019

BlockShow Asia 2019

BlockShow Asia 2019 is scheduled to take place at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, as a two-day event starting on November 14th, 2019. It is one of the biggest conferences in the blockchain industry, and even considered by many as a “flagship event.”

The events main goal is to bring to light established blockchain solutions that are already taking the world by storm. It takes attendees out of the hype and misinformation surrounding the distributed ledger technology, and showcase the real-world, practical implementation of blockchains.


Being one of the biggest blockchain events in the world, BlockShow will bring together prominent personalities in the world of blockchain to share their knowledge and insight. Some of these notable speakers include the likes of:

  • Justin Sun - Founder and CEO, Tron
  • Chia Hock Lai - President of SFA
  • Mike Kayamori - Co-Founder and CEO, Quoine
  • Charlie Sherm - BizDev Advisor, Changelly
  • Ted Lin - Chief Growth Officer, Binance
  • Czhang Lin - Partner JRR Crypto
  • Xinxi Wang - Co-Founder and Director, Litecoin Foundation.

And many more.


BlockShow is yet to provide a full schedule of the different activities set to take place at the conference. However, as soon as they announce an official Agenda, we will update immediately.

Why Should You Attend?

BlockShow will be a congregation of different groups in the blockchain industry, including startups, exhibitions, investors, and so on. Here is how can benefit from attending the event.

If You Are A Startup

Startups will gain accesses to a solid platform to help them create awareness about their new product or service and get in touch with their target audience.

Since many blockchain enthusiasts and investors are also gathering at the conference, the event also serves as a solid platform for attracting funding for your startup.

Plenty of startups and blockchain visionaries will be coming together. This provides an excellent networking opportunity to connect with likeminded entrepreneurs to discuss partnerships and tie-ups.

If You Are An Investor

Investors will get a front-row seat in understanding the potential of blockchain technology in the coming future. This will help them adjust their investment strategies to more profitable ventures and startups.

Industry leaders and experts will also come on stage and share their insight and view on the distributed ledger technology. On top of that, 20 of the hottest projects in blockchain will be competing against each other in front of a jury-board to find which project has more potential and holds the most promise.

This can help investors on how to understand good prospect startups and invest accordingly to maximize future returns.