India has grown quite a superpower when it comes to technological revolution. That's why it is also seeing a lot of conferences when it comes to groundbreaking technologies such as blockchain. One such event is BlockchainWorld 2030 which is going to be held on April 20, 2019.

It is a premier conference for blockchain enthusiasts and developers. It offers a way for them to keep up with all the changes in the technology field. To provide that value, industry veterans speakers and many professional experts participate in the event. They will share their experience and teach how to adapt and create blockchain technology for real-world use-cases.

Blockchain World 2030

Blockchain World 2030 is a one-day conference which lets you meet with blockchain experts and workshops. The speakers are the main attraction for the event. Some of the notable ones are as follows.

  • Andrew Bull - CEO and Founding Partner, Blockchain Law LLC
  • Eloisa Marchesoni - STO, ICO and IEO advisor
  • Mahens Chand - Founder C# Corner
  • Nishith Pathak - International Speaker
  • Ritesh Modi - Cloud architect
  • Navdeep Garg - CEO Revinfotech
  • Vishal Nigam - CEO and Founder of DIYBlockchan and Blockstein
  • Samrat Kishor -International Speaker, Manager at Accenture strategy

and many more!


As it is a one-day conference, it has limited events. Some of the key events are as follows.

  1. State of Blockchain
  2. Blockchain for developers
  3. Blockchain in Banking and Finance
  4. Panel discussions
  5. What are dApps
  6. Digital Assets
  7. Consensus Protocols
  8. Digital Identity, Blockchain, and Security
  9. Smart Contracts Deploy and Build
  10. Blockchain as a Service
  11. Hyperleder Fabric
  12. Blockchain and Healthcare

Apart from this, there will be an opening and closing ceremony.


The venue of the conference is the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel which is located in Delhi.

Registration and Tickets

  • 2500 INR - Full access to discussions and panel, prize raffle, breakfast, Interactive Q&A sessions, lunch& Coffee/Tea included (Sold Out - Early Bird Offer)
  • 3000 INR - Same as what 2500 INR offers, just regular pricing
  • 3500 INR - Everything that 3000 INR ticket has to offer plus dinner with speakers and a private meet and greet.


The conference will not possible without a proper team. The team behind the conference include the following people.

  1. Adamya Moudgil - Conference Director
  2. Bharat Gandass - Operations Manager
  3. Vandana Arora - Community Manager
  4.  Aadil Singh - Strategic Partner
  5. Charu Pandey  - Digital Marketing Expert
  6. Manish Tewatai - PR Manager

Should you attend Blockchain World 2030?

If are in India and is looking to gain exposure in the field of the blockchain, then we would recommend the conference for you. It has experienced speakers, great content and an excellent agenda.