Blockchain Revolution Global

Blockchain Revolution Global

Blockchain Revolution Global(BRG) is one of the world premier’s enterprise blockchain event. It is going to take place in Toronto on April 24-25. Toronto is the core of revolution and hence an excellent place for the event to take place. The BRG event is all about sharing knowledge and learning and also preparing the next generation of leaders. The key here is to prepare business and government and help them cope with the changes brought up blockchain technology.

The BRG will host interesting talks, sessions from practitioners, global CEOs and BRI researchers. Another catchy point of the event is the 360-degree stage which will help attendees to engage in one of the best learning experience. You will be able to meet leaders and audience from 20+ industries where you can discuss the horizontal and vertical transformations.

MCI Group and Blockchain Research Institute presents the event. They are a global leader when it comes to building communities.

Mainstage Speakers - Blockchain Event Toronto

The mainstage speakers for the event include the following.

  • Don Tapscott - Blockchain Research Institute
  • Richard W. Smith - FedEx Logistics
  • Bridget van Kralingen - IBM
  • Imogen Heap - Mycelia
  • Brian Behlendorf - Hyperledger Project
  • Joseph Lubin - ConsenSys
  • Ron Resnick - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance(EEA)

And many more!

There will be more than 100+ speakers.

Featured topics

There will be a lot of different issues that will be covered in the event. Few of them include

  • Blockchain for good
  • Government and Reg
  • Security and Identity
  • C-Suite
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • The innovation economy
  • 4th industrial revolution
  • Asset chains

And much more


The agenda of the event is as follows

Day 1:

  • Accelerating the revolution
  • Vertical Track Leadership Sessions
  • Case study presentation including blockchain for good, healthcare
  • Networking break
  • Main stage keynote

Day 2

  • Main stage: Don Tapscott
  • C-Suite, Security & Identity - Vertical Track Leadership Sessions
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Networking break

And much more!

Should you attend the Blockchain Revolution Global?

If you are serious about adapting to the blockchain revolution, then you should check out the event. It has some great content to offer with decent networking options.