Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference

Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference

The 2nd Annual Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference is scheduled as a two-day event from February 11th - 12th, 2020. The event will focus on a constructive discourse regarding the impact of blockchain on the Oil & Gas industries. It aims to provide a platform where stakeholders can come together and discuss relevant strategies and the overall impact of blockchain on the industry and its due course in the coming future.

A multitude of distinguished speakers and blockchain practitioners are also called to the conference to spread awareness, share personal insights, discussion about the real-world implication and on-going advancements of blockchain relative to the oil & gas industries.

This year, 2019, The Conference saw a large congregation of amazing speakers and a diverse audience counting up to 100 attendees. If you are interested in learning what evolved out of the conference then you can take a look at the Post Show Reports of the 2019 Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference.


Currently, the committee hasn’t released any public information regarding the speakers attending the event.

At the time of writing, registration is going on to recruit new speakers at the event. We will update when new more information comes to the surface.

Who Should Attend The Event?

Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider visiting the Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference 2020:

  • You are a stakeholder in the oil and gas industries in Canada.
  • You are a blockchain enthusiast and want to learn who the distributed ledger technology is changing the world around you.
  • You want to hear talks from thought leaders and industry spokesperson talking about the practical use case.
  • You want to create new connections and partnerships with individuals in the industry.
  • You want to share knowledge and personal experience you have acquired in your time using blockchain.

Ticket Pricing

Tickets for the Blockchain Oil & Gas Canada Conference are sold under four categories.

  1. Tickets for Oil & Gas Operators/ Government Employees - CA 595
  2. Tickets for Technology Companies, Solution Providers, and Consultants - CA 1095
  3. Attending Sponsor Registration - CA 2095
  4. Student Registration - CA 395