Blockchain for Supply Chain Management is a one-day event that is going to take place virtually. It will take place on 19th Nov 2020 and will start from 4:00 pm CET and 10.00 am ET.

At the event, the eight speakers will cover three or more topics to more than 1000s of the attendees.

Right now, the supply chain is an exciting playground. It is the flow of goods from the supplier to the consumer. It can also relate to the flow of money that goes from the buyer to the supplier. The dual-layer channel is glued together to provide value for all the participants in the supply chain where each player participates and shares information required for the proper functioning of the supply chain.

For the supply chain to work, it is important to make sure that the data origin is secure and quality is maintained during the whole collaboration phase between the trading partners. The current centralized systems approach of server-client rely heavily on data silos that makes sharing information difficult. They are also hard to maintain. On top of that, they are expensive to create and manage as well.

At the 101Blockchains Virtual Conference of Blockchain for Supply Chain Management, we will discuss supply chain it and its use cases. In use cases, we will go through how banks, logistics providers, companies, customs offices, and other organizations are gravitating towards a blockchain-based solution that will improve their current process and help them transform and revolutionize the supply chain.

Virtual Conference Sessions

The blockchain for Supply Chain Management virtual conference will have two main sessions to focus on. They include the following:

  • Blockchain for the financial supply chain
  • Blockchain for the physical and information supply chain

Event Program

The event program for the Supply Chain Management virtual conference are as below:

  • Opening Speech: 16:00/10:00 am
  • Opening Keynote: 16:05/10:05 am
  • Panel 1: Physical Supply Chain, 16:30/10:30 am
  • Keynote: 16:55/10:55 am
  • Panel 2: Financial Supply Chain
  • End of Conference: 17:45/10:45 am

Topics Covered

The topics for the Supply Chain Management virtual conference.

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Technology

Apart from that, it also will cover two important topics as below.

Financial Supply Chain: Financial supply chain is now a possibility thanks to blockchain and its features such as decentralization, immutability, and peer-to-peer connectivity. With blockchain, it is now possible to collaborate in a better way. Apart from the exchange of physical goods, financial transactions also benefit from blockchain's features such as trust and transparency. The fact that none of the changes are made by disrupting the existing information technology assets such as SCM applications, accounting systems, transportation systems, and so on! With the ability to digitize assets, it is now possible for partners to transfer them through peer-to-peer networks. It simplifies the transaction by reducing transactions and improve accountability for data exchange.

Physical and Information Supply Chain: The current Supply Chain Management(SCM) allows the enterprise blockchains to work without any interruptions. SCM deals with practice, technologies, and processes. They also deal with delivering information, money, and goods with the participants. Apart from that, there is also the need for recycling and returning goods for the circular economy. To visualize, we can always think of the chain as more of the network where the nodes can act as companies that play their part such as manufacturing, transportation, sell, issue, certify, control and finance.

SCM also surrounds around collaboration where the players need to collaborate and make the network as sustainable and profitable as possible.

The idea of collaboration is hard to implement as every party has its own business targets and an agenda to fulfill. To ensure that this doesn't impact the overall collaborative environment, parties should focus on Goodwill where they follow the words of principle and also ensure tangible results. The supply network has always struggled to work flawlessly due to the selfish intent of players and their inability to maintain and manage commitments and promises.


The speakers for the virtual conference is not yet released. So, keep visiting the page as we soon update the list of the speakers!