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Blockchain Expo North America Virtual Event

Blockchain Expo North America Virtual is a two-day virtual event that is going to take place from 4-5th November 2020. It is a completely online conference with no offline elements. It is designed to cover blockchain ecosystem leadership discussions.

At the event, the experts will share their knowledge and experience. Enterprise technology professionals will also get their chance to explore the latest strategies, implementations, and innovations for driving the business in the right direction.

Live and on-demand sessions

The Blockchain Expo North America will consist of both on-demand and live sessions. The sessions will give you the ability to explore and innovate blockchain technology in different spheres including supply chain, manufacturing, legal sectors, utilities, healthcare, insurance, retail, and more!

Apart from that, you will also get networking opportunities at the event where you can become part of the virtual meetings and get in touch with anyone you want.


The virtual event of Blockchain Expo North America will see more than 1000 attendees from all across the world. These attendees come from different backgrounds including IT directors, Telecom providers, Startups, Government, Developers, Operators, Automotive, VCs, Technology providers, and more!

The virtual expo will have more than 40 plus speakers who will share their real-life experience and industry knowledge that they gained while working on cutting-edge blockchain technology projects. The speakers will share their thoughts via expert panel discussions, solo presentations, and in-depth fireside chats.


The topics that will be covered in the virtual conference will be diverse and will be shared via case studies, keynotes, and panel discussions. The topics will cover major industries including real estate, financial services, legal sectors, healthcare, insurance, and much more!

Tickets and Registration

The conference is free of cost. That means all you need is a device and internet connection to attend it. However, to attend it, you need the Free Expo Pass that you will only get if you register for it from their website.


As mentioned above, there will be more than 40+ speakers at the event. Some of the notable speakers are as below.

  • Andrie Semenov, Coca-Cola system
  • Brian Behlendorf, Hyperledger
  • Olga Patel, The Walt Disney Company
  • Emmanuel Aidoo, Credit Suisse
  • Rahul Vijay, Uber
  • David Havera, GE Aviation
  • David Hassman, Syniverse
  • Meyrick Vaz, UnitedHealthcare
  • Mike Jacobs, UnitedHealthcare
  • Gavin Gillas, Yeoman’s Growth Capital
  • Adamn Krembel, Blocwatch

And many more!


There will be tons of topics that will be covered at the Blockchain Expo North. These topics will be shared with the audience via presentations, keynote, virtual panel, and more! We suggest checking out their agenda page to learn more about it as it is not practical to list them here.


  • Attendees: 1000
  • Conference tracks: Virtual
  • Speakers: 40+
  • Director Level and above: 56%