Blockchain - Disruption, Innovation & Decentralization

Blockchain is one of the biggest technological disruptors out there. It has single-handedly changed how all the different sectors behave. The clear winner here is the companies and the end users that can take advantage of the blockchain. Blockchain - Disruptor, innovation, and Decentralization is a conference held by the Mankoff Company that wants to tackle the different issues associated with blockchain.

The conference will take place in New York on 16th April 2019. It is a one-day event and will take place for 3 hours on that day, starting from 5:45 PM to 8:45 PM EDT.

Issues that will be addressed in the event - New York blockchain event

Many issues related to blockchain will be addressed. It includes the following.

  • Current status of us with blockchain
  • Most disrupted sector by blockchain.
  • Challenges in the market - emerging vs. developed
  • Institutional interest in blockchain - dead or alive?
  • Blockchain challenge adoption
  • Players in the blockchain market

Panelist list

Many prominent panelists will be part of the conference. Let’s list them below.

  • Joshua Chinnaswamy - Advisor, Forest Park Advisors
  • Joel Telpner, - Chair - Blockchain & Fintech Practice
  • Matt Trudeau - Chief Strategy Officer, ErisX.
  • Zac Prince - Founder & CEO - BlockFI
  • Liz Schack Rabban - EVP, Celcius Network


The facilitator of the event is Stacey Mankoff. He is the managing principal of The Mankoff Company & Founder, After the Bell Events.

Networking opportunity

The event will provide ample networking opportunity for those who are interested. It will take place in their “After the Bell” events which will bring the top players in the FinTech space together. Also, one thing that you need to notice is that there is no streaming or recording allowed. The only way to participate is to be present there.

Who will attend the event?

  • A lot of people from different sectors and companies will be attending. It includes
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investors
  • Banks
  • Insurance Traders
  • Risk Managers
  • Exchanges
  • Tech Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Regulators
  • E-Commerce Companies

And others!


There are two types of tickets available for the event. They are as follows

  • Early Bird Registration - $20.00
  • Regular Registration - $40.00

Should you attend the event?

The event offers a unique perspective and hence should at least be checked once. The event is only 3 hours long so you can always catch it if you have limited time.